Celoxis Integration

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Create projects and tasks, update their status and much more directly from your email. This is a quick and convenient way to perform common operations without logging in to Celoxis.

Celoxis email integration


The Celoxis API enables you to write custom software to integrate popular tools like Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce or your in-house software like ERP, accounting, bug tracking etc. with Celoxis project management system. The API is available to both hosted and installable version customers.

Celoxis API

There is no learning curve of WSDL and other complex web-service technologies. The API is 100% web based and platform independent. You can write your programs in any language of your choice e.g. PHP, Java, .NET or even javascript. It supports both JSON and XML as data interchange formats.

Celoxis API

Celoxis includes a simple PHP library that makes it even easier to write PHP based programs to interact with the Celoxis project management server. Here is some sample PHP code that demonstrates how easy it is to use the API :

Celoxis API code snippet

Through the support for ICal, Celoxis makes it possible to view your calendar, including task and project dates, in Google Calendar, Mobile calendar or any other ICal supported viewer.

Celoxis iCal integration

CSV import / export of tasks, projects, processes and users

You can also import data from CSV (Comma Seprated Values) files into Celoxis. This makes it easy to transition from an existing system or to use a tool like Excel to create tasks or users and quickly import them into Celoxis.

Celoxis XLS/CSV integration