You may be wondering about the best test management solutions available in 2022. What is the basis for comparing tools? What features should a company look for? The more options there are, the tougher it is to choose. But don’t worry. In this article, we have put together a list of the best 5 test management tools that you must consider using in 2022

List of Best Test Management Tools of 2022

1. Tuskr

Tuskr is the most reliable, robust, affordable, and easy-to-use software to connect your QA teams with developers. Tuskr is a cloud-based test management software. You can manage test cases, conduct test runs, and integrate your bug and time tracking tools. It is powerful yet aesthetically pleasing and intuitive with its unbeatable pricing, a generous free plan, and a 30-day free trial. It should be on top of everyone’s evaluation list.

Special features: 

  • WYSIWYG editor with rich-text formatting
  • Planned vs. actual chart to identify your stars and slackers

Pricing – starts with $9/user/month

2. TestRail

TestRail is a web-based test management tool. Track all of your test activities and quality metrics in one platform to boost collaboration, evaluate risk, and release higher-quality software. Manage all details in a constructed way, including preconditions, steps, and expected results. It comes with a 30-day free trial.

Special features:

  • Manage suites, test cases, and execution efficiently
  • It can be integrated with automated tests and bug trackers

Pricing – starts with $36/user/month.

3. Qase

Qase is a cloud-based test management tool. Individuals and test teams can use it. Features of test cases allow you to define test case extremity, priority, and steps to reproduce test cases. Also, you can share a test report with complete information about each test case in a run to your customer or manager in a few clicks

Special features:

  • You can use role-based access control to specify permissions for a definite group of users
  • Smart wizard for a test run will boost your test process

Pricing – starts with $20/user/month.

4. PractiTest

PractiTest is a complete test management tool. It works with various automation platforms like JIRA, selenium, etc. Their API allows for additional customization to meet the requirements of other processes. Align all team members with the project’s objectives and goals by defining requirements and user stories 

Special features:

  • Supports various testing methods such as exploratory, scripted, and automated tests
  • In one single location, manage all types of tests and keep track of issues

Pricing – starts with $39/user/month.

5. TestCollab

TestCollab is a test management tool that allows you to save, execute and plan your tests and milestones. The tool’s main screen shows vital information like project quality, testing metrics, time spent on a test, etc. Get automated time estimates for testing activity before critical release. Track down how good/bad your last sprint was.

Special features:

  • The time estimate for testing can be calculated before the critical release
  • Chat facility to increase interaction between testers and developers

Pricing – starts with $17/user/month.

Have you used any of the above Test Management Tools? Or, have we missed out the one which you are using? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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