For the imaginative mind, the office can be a trove of stories waiting to be found and experienced. We tend to find similarities between the real and the myth everywhere we go, and workplaces are no exceptions. While we cannot find actual real mythical creatures in our offices, we do come across people whose personalities and traits resemble specific creatures from folklore and fiction. Here are a few mythical creatures that you are most likely to encounter in the workplace.

1. Elves


They’re probably very old, but don’t look like it. Always graceful and elegantly dressed. They seem to operate/exist on a whole different level, usually above the functionality of a normal human. And they have tons and tons of knowledge that they are most eager to impart into the minds of others, hoping that they start seeing the world from their point of view. They have fond memories of former years, they have wisdom and regret, they have done great deeds, and they are ready to pass on the mantle to the young. The great elves are grave when matters are grave, but most of the time the elves are pretty jolly. You could talk about their secret ways, their suspicion, and their passivity. Think of them as jolly old people, set in their ways, but quite capable, and wonderfully brilliant to spend time with.


2. Centaurs


Half horse, half-human, all scary. According to mythology, centaurs can be either creature who possess vast knowledge about how the world works or complete party animals. In modern-day offices, we have come across at least one such centaur. While they might not have the half body of a horse, their personality surely does match that of the myth of the centaur. They do not prefer the company of other species and are extremely cautious about who they trust and mingle with. Gaining their trust is a difficult task, but once you have it, a centaur will happily impart their knowledge whenever asked for. When it comes to having fun, the centaurs are second to none. They have only two versions of themselves. One is knowledgeable, super-smart; knows how things work, how to get things done, but as soon as they step out of the office, they are the life of the party. In every sense of the statement.

3. Griffins


These are majestic creatures, often depicted as a mixture of an eagle and a lion. Various cultures depict them as a symbol of courage and bravery. In the office, you may have crossed paths with a Griffin many times. People who just exude confidence from the moment your eyes fall on them. They are composed, they like to take on tasks that are considered to be extremely difficult, and then just keep on killing it with the results and they prefer to be left alone. Griffins are not exactly social creatures and can be found working in solidarity. However, they do not think twice before assisting others and are known to be resourceful. Gaining their trust could be a difficult task, as just like the Griffin, these people are also picky about who gets their vote of trust.


4. Leprechauns


These are creatures from the Irish mythology, often depicted as small bearded men, who are extremely lucky, have a knack for practical jokes or general mischief and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In your office, spotting a leprechaun isn’t difficult. They are usually a guy who loves his beard and his money and always seem to have lady luck on their side. They are mischievous, but not in a way that would hurt anyone. When it comes to money, they know how to gather lots of it, and not so happy about letting go of it.


5. Unicorns


These creatures need no introduction. Every time you see a white horse, all you wish for is a horn on its forehead. Offices are home to many unicorns. Beautiful, peace-loving, liked by all, and sometimes they leave people wondering, “This one is too good to be real”. Much like the magical unicorn, these people have an aura of positivity and hope around them. Similar to the unicorn, whose horn is said to cure poisoned water and restore eyesight, these people by their mere presence or the tiniest amount of inputs help you overcome hurdles that were causing you to lose sleep or were making you blind to obvious solutions. Unicorns in the workplace are very much sought after, and only the purest of the heart can afford their company.


6. Dragons


Bold. Powerful. Sometimes fearful. The dragon in your workplace is hard to miss, much like the actual winged beast. They are either the most feared or the most admired, and sometimes both. They have a view of all that goes on from where they are, and not many can challenge them once they have made up their mind. They do spew fire from time to time, reminding everyone who they are and what they are capable of. Only the bravest knights from your office can go up to them and come back with the desired result. The dragons in the workplace are not necessarily the scary kind we are used to seeing. They can also be the kind ones, who can help you with any endeavor or assist you in choosing the right path. Whatever the case, these people command respect over everyone, centaurs and unicorns alike.


Any of these seem familiar to the people you encounter in your office? Let us know which mythical beasts you are used to working with, in the comments!


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