Project management is still a very challenging prospect, despite the apparent ease of using online project management tools to do so. According to recent reports, 25% of companies lack proper technologies for effective team collaboration, with only 23% of businesses using project management software such as Celoxis. Here’s how you can manage your online projects more effectively and lead your team to success in 2022.

  1. Ensure that Clear Deliverables are Outlined from Day One

For your project to bear tangible fruit, you must outline exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your team. Break down the main goal of your project into achievable milestones and assign deadlines to each one. 

This will help your team focus on micro-tasks instead of chasing a more intangible goal that is months away from completion. If your team knows what they’re working toward, they’ll have a much easier time being productive and focused on the tasks you delegate to them.

  1. Delegate Duties Based on People’s Skillsets

Delegating tasks for online project management should never be done without calculation or planning on your part. Review each team member’s skill set and try to delegate tasks based on what they’re good at. It’s also good to keep in mind that no one person should be overburdened with tasks while someone else might have it easier. 

This can create friction in the team and cause today’s coworkers to become tomorrow’s rivals or grudge-bearers. Organize a team meeting and delegate project tasks to everyone in a democratic manner so that everyone is content with it. Keep your mind open for any suggestions on who might and might not be able to tend to certain tasks. When your team sees that you’re taking their comments into serious consideration, you’ll be more respected for it.

  1. Arrange for Common Working Time

There’s a good possibility that you may be in charge of an international team of professionals working remotely. If that’s the case, working full-time through your project management software may be impossible for obvious reasons. However, you can still organize common working time here and there to keep everyone up to date. 

Try to spend at least an hour of your common time together, sharing progress, feedback, and opinions. This will help your team feel like a team instead of a group of individuals whose work you’re monitoring. Your team will have an easier time achieving its end goal if they have the opportunity to work together in real-time, as short as that may sometimes be.

  1. Set Communication Standards with your Team

As your online workflow kicks off, your team will undoubtedly have questions, concerns, or feedback to share with you. To ensure that everyone sees every question and that nothing is asked three times, proper communication standards need to exist. Which communication channels will you use to communicate with one another despite possible time differences or personal schedules? 

It’s best to keep all of your communication centralized on the project management software everyone has access to. You can write an internal FAQ by using the best essays for reference and professional writing assistance. This will help clear up any confusion or misinformation during the long months of project development you’ll be engaged in.

  1. Don’t Micromanage, but Keep Tracking Progress

The best tip anyone could give you about online project management is that you should never micromanage your team. Your coworkers are adults, professionals, and specialists in their respective fields. As a project manager, you shouldn’t constantly course-correct your designers, programmers, or copywriters because your skill set lies elsewhere. 

Instead, adopt the position of a coach or a mentor who is there to help move things along. Be available for anyone who might have issues with their tasks, offer guidance, and keep things focused on the outlined goal. Show your team that you trust them to deliver a great product, and they’ll appreciate having you as their project manager.

Becoming a Better Project Manager

At the end of the day, online project management tools are just tools – you are the one who needs to learn how to utilize them properly. Based on statistical findings, around 44% of managers don’t believe in the important role project management software has in a business’ workflow. 

With only 46% of businesses making project management restructuring a priority in 2022, running your projects more effectively is your opportunity to stand out. Use these tips to your advantage and to better manage the projects you’re tasked with running in your company.

Author Bio: Nicole Garrison  is a content writer, copywriter, and editor at TrustMyPaper. She specializes in academic and digital writing projects, like case studies, papers, and essays. She is passionate about online content and loves expanding her skillset.

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