A&R Tech, Markus Auchmann.

Markus Auchmann, A&R Tech

Very easy to use tool that helps us to bring our business to the next level.

We're a SME located in Vienna, Austria with 40 employees. We're specialized in Visualization, Control and Automation in the railway and renewable energy industry. We're developing safety relevant Hard- and Software in tight coordination with the technical inspection Authority. It was hard to get an overview of our projects and their status, as we didn't have any tool to support the controlling of projects. It was very time consuming to get information about projects and to determine the hours that where spent for each project. With Celoxis everything it is very convenient and it is fast to get the information needed.

Specifically we like the Earned Value Analyses and the very easy to use reporting tools for all projects. These tools help our project managers to make decisions more easily. Another advantage of Celoxis is the fact, that it is an online tool and we're able to access it from all over the world.

We're now more aware of the total time consumption of our projects and it is much easier for us to get a feeling of the utilization of our resources. Furthermore it is much easier for us to start new projects (through templates) and to track down the bottlenecks of each project.

Gemalto Secure Transactions, Stephane Fabre, Technical Director.

Stephane Fabre, Gemalto

More than controlling, what Celoxis brings is collaboration..

Controlling hundreds of projects may turns out to be very difficult without the appropriate tool... With Celoxis, everything is so much easier; it is the most pragmatic solution I could find. It simply does an amazing job: no more doubt when I need a project status or projected date, no more headache to prepare exhaustive monthly reports. All this I can get it in a few clicks ! My dashboard just gets me all I need !

Working in complex organization requires a very good coordination where all key players must have same level of information. Sharing documents, storing mails, Celoxis does it all and help anticipating better and communicating more transparently to our customers.

Last but not least, by combining project with tailor made workflows, we could enhanced all our business critical processes, freezing roles and responsibilities, forcing mandatory inputs, measure lead times and SLAs.

Ground Probe, Laura Yue, Business Analyst.

Laura Yue, Ground Probe

A great tool to manage resources time and project progress!

GroundProbe is a highly innovative and dynamic company developing and supplying its unique measurement systems and services to the international mining and civil infrastructure industries. GroundProbe has been a Celoxis user since 2009 with 75 active licenses.

In both Product Development and Geophysics Division of the business, jobs are project based but there was no project management tool to track project progress, neither project accounting tool to track project cost, especially people's cost. As a result, it was impossible to gain an overview of all projects and the total cost of projects. In addition, there was great difficulty to track staff leave days due to the complexity of employee entitlement.

Business system team was giving the task to find a Project management and time sheeting tool that is low cost, easy to use and easy to implement. We have extensively scanned market with the finding that a lot of in-house products that can do the job but with rather high software cost and complex implementation process. Then we came across Celoxis as SAAS provider with sophisticated project management functionality and great reporting capability on time sheeting. Celoxis outranked the others in functionality, reporting and value by a wide margin.

Celoxis was implemented in mid 2009 for project management and time sheeting purpose. It is easy to use and doesn't require instalment on local desk top. It only took us a couple of days to complete training for staff and project managers.

Using Celoxis project management tool, we can track actual vs. budgeted time very quickly and simply. This helps the project managers track projects and confirm tasks are being done when required and within the allocated time period. It is also useful to relay project progress to team members. As most staff are working on multiple projects at once they can see how much time they have spend on a project and with the knowledge of what work they have completed they can provide project managers with realistic finish dates. And staff can see where they been allocated and how much time they have to work on something.

The time sheeting functionality improves productivity by allowing staff track time at project-task level. It enables us accurately tracking and approval of time easily so as to calculate correct project cost. It provides us with greater understanding of where staff spends their time due to reports. The report feature enables you to drill down into all or an individual timesheet. For example reports can be run on how much each individual or the whole group have spent on Business Development each week. We can then understand whether a position needs to be reviewed based on the more than that expected being spend on a task than what was thought.

The feature we like the most of Celoxis is easy implementation, easy to run report. Celoxis Support Team has been very responsive regards system support and issue solving.

Additional GroundProbe info: GroundProbe's Slope Stability Radar technology has already achieved outstanding success in the global mining industry, having detected numerous wall collapses with sufficient warning to evacuate people and equipment.Through the acquisition of Geoforce, GroundProbe has broadened its range of services to include specialist geophysical mapping with the detail required for designing and managing mines, infrastructure and water resources. GroundProbe is solution focused, deploying a wide range of technologies to provide the information required for managing risk. Such services are being applied in mining, civil construction and infrastructure industries.

GroundProbe has a global user community of its products and services which is composed by some of the world's largest mining companies. By accessing GroundProbe's products and services, users join a global network of professionals sharing their experiences on the application of these technologies, for both the reduction of risk and the improvement of safety and profitability.

Riva Modeling, Orest Werbowy, Implementation Specialist.

Riva Modeling Logo

Celoxis has always been very prompt with responding to our concerns, issues and requests. We are also happy to report that many of our bug reports or enhancement suggestions have come to fruition in consecutive releases.

Riva Modeling Systems Inc. sells, implements and supports strategic long range asset management software tools that give organizations the ability to efficiently provide a supportable and transparent capital plan.

Riva's software provides tools that perform strategic long range asset, risk and budget management by forecasting the full lifecycle of our client's assets. These tools automatically integrate with source systems to generate inventories for assets including roads, bridges, water and waste water networks and facilities. By applying best practices, Riva generates a lifecycle cost and risk profile for each asset, determining the events that should be scheduled each period, as well as their effects on the cost, condition, risk and capacity for our clients.

In addition, Riva supports PSAB 3150 Tangible Capital Asset reporting guidelines as well as the United States equivalent GASB Statement 34.

Riva is a young and growing company. We have made big efforts of late to improve our processes and implement best practice management. There wasn't one place for coordination. Riva has implemented Celoxis to aid in managing client projects, keep time tracking relevant for billing as well as configured Celoxis to act as our Bug Tracking system for ongoing software development. Through Celoxis, we now have one place to coordinate our efforts. Riva can also now easily retrieve information on availability of staff so that planning and timelines for upcoming projects can be incorporated into daily operations, and reasonably met as current workloads across the organization are known.

The graphical user interface is very impressive. The project/task management functionality is exceptional. Time tracking has also greatly improved. The ability to customize pages, dashboards and reports is very useful to have Celoxis conform to our business practices and procedures. Importing and exporting projects is very useful, especially if the link is kept open, so tasks and projects can be updated offline, and re-synched to the online shared project. The customizable process flow also allows us to manage our processes our own way, rather than conforming to a mandatory standard.

Celoxis has allowed Riva to better coordinate development as well as project management. We currently use time tracking and bug tracking extensively. We hope to capitalize on more of Celoxis' features in the near future. We have much more transparent objectives and operations across departments, as the managing tools are not specific to only one function. We are also more timely in our deliverables as tasks can be assigned without having to call each staff member, since email notifications are sent out. We also have a record for all of our requests, and duplicate requests can be prioritized with the original request.

Celoxis has allowed the growth of Riva to be more seamless, and reduced pains or road blocks common with a rapidly growing start-up company by providing a stable software with very prompt responses to any issues discovered.

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