Expedite Sales initiated projects

Create a tighter connect between your sales teams and project teams. Convert customer opportunities into projects and assign to project teams right away. Track the progress on projects real time.

With our Salesforce.com app, you can stay on top of customer needs at all times & stay ahead in the game.

Capitalize on customer opportunities with Celoxis’s Salesforce app

Capitalize on customer opportunities with Celoxis’ Salesforce app

This integration helps Sales teams leverage Celoxis’ robust project management capabilities and enables enhanced collaboration between sales and project teams. Sales can initiate and assign projects and get real-time visibility into progress.

The app is listed on Salesforce's AppExchange and is available for free.

Key Benefits

Best of both worlds:

It is a win-win for Sales and Project teams. Sales can create, track and manage projects in the comfort of their application while project teams can focus on execution without worrying about adding communication channels.

Advanced project management at fingertips:

Sales teams get access to Celoxis’ project management features within Salesforce. This helps them unify all customer related initiatives.

Enhanced Business Outcomes:

This integration helps sales teams act quickly on identified customer opportunities and convert them to actual projects. It also brings the two disparate groups together on to a single plane, ensuring they are working towards successful business outcomes.

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