Rich, interactive charts to breathe new life into your data

Celoxis provides a whole range of graphical charts including pie (donut), comparison bars, 100% stacked bars, trend lines, scatter and bubble charts to visualize your project data. You can get the whole picture at a glance, or even improve your perspective by toggling data series by clicking on its legend. Take the guess-work out. Just tap to deep-dive and make data-driven decisions.

Celoxis charts

Same experience across devices

Our cross-platform, cross-browser component framework delivers the most advanced touch-optimized charting capabilities, delivering pixel-perfect visuals that run on any of our supported browsers. So be it your PC, Mac or smartphone; you get the same delight across each one of them.

Under the hood

Celoxis has the most advanced reporting engine that gives you a powerful platform to turn all your project data into actionable insights. You can create data visualizations not just on standard fields, but also on custom fields, including formulae.