Clarizen, as a tool, is often found to be very clunky with a steep learning curve by its users and is not particularly fast, slick, or responsive. With their expensive monthly subscription costs and over-complicated pricing plans it is often impossible to know what your software investment is going to be without contacting their sales teams. Celoxis, on the other hand, is widely accepted as a comprehensive and affordable software for businesses of all sizes.

Here’s what actual buyers are saying about Celoxis

Celoxis rates higher for Interactive Gantt Chart/Project Planning capabilities than Clarizen.

Celoxis ranks higher for Portfolio Coordination and Budgeting than Clarizen.

Celoxis has more comprehensive resource management and time tracking capabilities than Clarizen.

Celoxis has better estimation and forecasting tools than Clarizen.

Celoxis is easier to do business with than Clarizen.

Celoxis has an higher rate of adoption than Clarizen.

Celoxis is more flexible and customizable than Smartsheet.

Celoxis outperforms Clarizen in Quality of Support.

Clarizen is extremely expensive as a software investment with no clear ROI.

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I like the realm of features available in Celoxis. We use this on a daily basis in my organization. The time tracking is really nice and provides solid reporting. The project plans I create in the application are flexible and easy to manage. I manage 20-25 projects at any given time, so tracking time and project status is a bit difficult. Celoxis makes it easier for me to do this efficiently, without taking too much time away from ‘real work.’ The product enhancements and new features are regular without becoming disruptive, and the company asks for feedback regularly and actually notifies well in advance of upgrades, which does not happen with every solution…

Marc Arnold, Implementation Consultant, SilkRoad Inc.

Let’s look at some facts.

Key Differences

Celoxis is a highly customizable and comprehensive platform for project portfolio management. You can manage multiple projects with ease, manage resources efficiently, and see what’s working.

# Features Celoxis Clarizen
1 Resource Allocations in Hours
2 Custom Time-phased Data Reporting
3 100% Stacked Charts
4 Trend Reporting
5 Document Management and Version Control
6 Free Client Portal
7 Track Time on Custom Apps (Workflows)
8 iCal Integration
9 Zapier Integration
10 On-Premise Deployment

When you look at the broad capabilities you will see that Celoxis offers all the capabilities that an enterprise-grade project portfolio management software requires without any complicated licensing and pricing plans. To harness the true power of Clarizen, you have to purchase their full license type.

# Features Celoxis Clarizen
1 Project Management
2 Financial Management
3 Resource Management
4 Reporting and Analytics
5 Project Portfolio Management
6 Custom Apps (Workflows)
7 Integrations
8 Expense Management
9 Collaboration
10 Risk Management
11 Bug/Issue Tracking
12 Security


Clarizen = Expensive monthly cost + Steep learning curve + Over-complicated pricing plans + Convoluted User Experience (ref) = Unpredictable ROI

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