With Celoxis Custom Apps, you have the power to create and
configure intuitive project and business processes
within the project management system.
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Well defined processes are crucial in every organization. With Celoxis, you have the power to easily create and manage well defined, repetitive project and business processes or routines within the project management system. Organizational processes such as help desk requests, bug tracking, issue tracking and leave approval are few of the many possibilities for creating apps.

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How custom apps work

Celoxis apps help track and manage a specific component of work that "flows" through a series of steps and multiple people before completion. For example, in software, a bug is a one such element of work that moves through different "states" like open, verified, fixed, closed, re-opened and so on. While a developer fixes the bug, a testing engineer is responsible for testing it.

You can easily create an app for any repeatable process in your organization involving multiple steps and touch points. Each app belongs to a Workspace, which establishes the context it resides in.

Processes such as help desk requests, to-do lists, issue tracking, sales lead tracking and leave approval are typical examples of apps that can be created in Celoxis.

Alternately you can also choose from a library of predefined apps for most commonly used business processes: Risk, Bug, Issue and To Do. You can start using them as is or edit them to suit your business needs.

Example 1: Bug Tracking

Our Bug tracking App lets you keep track of all reported bugs and defects in software development projects.

Bugs can be reported, resolved & even re-opened, and closed. Each bug encapsulates related information such as its type, severity, and resolution on it.

Bug Tracking
Issue Tracking

Example 2: Issue Tracking

With Celoxis Issue tracking App, you can manage and maintain list of organizational and project related issues. Issues can also be put on hold, if immediate resolution is not possible.

Example 3: Risk Management

Risks are usually caused by uncertainty – unpredictability in the project requirements, legal liabilities, unplanned resource loss, financial state of the organization or market, force majeure, competition, etc... The objectives of Risk Management are to decrease the probability and impact of negative events on various organizational and project activities.

Celoxis provides a risk management process, which you can directly use for your projects.

A risk typically has the following states: Not Occured, Occured, Deferred and Mitigated. Each risk also has a Probability, Impact and a Risk Score associated with it.

Risk Management

Track time on your custom apps

Once you have created / used an app, you also have the ability to fill and track time spent on specific processes such as help desk, bug tracking and more in your projects.

Reporting for Custom Apps

Custom apps are a goldmine of data. Harness Celoxis’ advanced reporting capabilities for Custom apps to see how well your processes are working. Use pre-defined reports such as My Bugs, My To Dos, My Issues, Risk Register, Project Approval Requests, My Change Requests. Alternately, create custom reports like Open Bugs, Project Approvals pending for client review, and many more.

Risk Register