General Questions

These are unlicensed users that do not have a login and will not be able to access Celoxis directly. They can still participate in their projects (such as fill time, perform progress updates and join discussions) through email. You can have unlimited number of such users and they are free.

Your clients can login to Celoxis to monitor and collaborate on projects if you provide them access. Client access is free, but has limited functionality. Clients can view their projects, check project status, participate in designated project discussions and upload/download documents from a designated project folder.

No. These are named licenses. This means that if you have 5 user licenses you can only add 5 users with log in accounts. Celoxis licenses are transferable in the event an employee leaves the organization.

We offer email based support through our help-desk ticketing system. Typical response time is 3 hours.

Yes, we offer various onboarding & training programs to help new customers accelerate Celoxis adoption and time to value. Check out our Education page.
You can pick and choose any of our one-hour educational courses that will help you accelerates user adoption and results. This could be a Q&A session about using Celoxis in specific scenarios in your organizations or any one of our training modules. For more details, please contact your Celoxis Account Manager.
Volume discounts are per order and not cumulative.
Celoxis offers 4 payment options: credit card, wire, check (only within US), RTGS / NEFT (only within India).
Yes. We offer an extremely powerful yet easy to use web-based API.


The disk space is only for files uploaded into the application. The project data, which is part of the database, is not included in the file space and is not charged.

Yes. Access to our application is only via the latest 2048-bit industrial grade SSL certificates.

Celoxis servers are located in Softlayer, an IBM company data centers in the United States. Read more about our SaaS infrastructure here.

Our serves are restarted every Sunday at 1 AM EST to improve performance and prevent memory leaks.

We do not store your credit card information and do not bill you automatically. You will have to manually extend your user licenses. A reminder alert will be displayed 7 days before your account expires when you log on to the application.

Any user with administrative rights can log in and renew. Go to Company under Settings menu. Click on View License Information link and renew your account.

Yes, you can purchase additional licenses whenever you wish.

The minimum commitment for the service is 1 month. You can cancel your service any time. However, no refunds are offered for the unused portion of time.

Log in to your account. Go to Company under Settings menu and click on 'Cancel Account'.

FAQ: On-Premise

  •   Modern processor
  •   4 GB RAM recommended
  •   500MB disk space for the application
  •   File space as per requirements
  •   Linux/Windows/Mac OS X
  •   Java SE 8
  •   SQL Server 2008/12/14, Oracle 11g/12c, PostgreSQL 9.x
  •   Email server with SMTP and IMAP4/POP3

You will be sent an email with the link to download the application.

You will be sent an email with the link to download the newer version of the application.

Your administrator must be familiar with creating and managing your database and database users, creating accounts on your email server, taking backups of the database and files.

Our support team will assist you if you encounter difficulties during the installation or upgrade. We also offer installation and upgrade services for a fee.

Celoxis has been developed using Java and Java Servlets technology. The product is 100% web based.

FAQ: Education Services

All of our sessions are remotely delivered via a web-conferencing tool like Gotomeeting / Webex and are conducted by mix of PMP certified and domain experts with significant industry experience.

Contact your Celoxis Account Manager, or contact us here.

All sessions are conducted between Monday and Friday, at the following times,

  •   North America: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM US Eastern time.
  •   EMEA: 09:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT.
  •   APAC: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM Australian Eastern time.

Cancellations and rescheduling notifications must be made in writing at least 72 hours prior to the start of the course. Please send an email to with the session name and date. There are no refunds for training courses. If you are looking to reschedule, please provide the new dates so that we may review your request as soon as possible.

Office Location

Phone Number

  • 1-855-CELOXIS (US)
  • +91-20-22951088 (Intl.)
  • +91-20-22951288 (Intl.)


  • +1-775-264-2046 (US)