• Dec 22, 2015

Celoxis, the world leader in enterprise project management, today announced it has been selected as Most Valuable Tech Company for 2015 by Insights Success. The magazine's highly skilled market research team along with their editorial staff actively monitors all global tech companies’ news and press release, as well as keeps a close eye to tech company’s growth, the market position they hold and their social media presence. From this global directory they shortlist the 50 companies that make it to their Top 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies List.

“Quoting Michael Jordan, ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.’”, commented Ravindra Wankar, co-founder of the company. “At Celoxis, we are a bunch of people who are sincere and passionate about what we do. This award from Insights Success reaffirms Michael’s quote!”

According to Insights Success' editor, Celoxis Technologies was chosen for this honor, was because of its singular focus on project management and a result-oriented design that is helping businesses worldwide tackle their project management challenges successfully.

The excitement surrounding the announcement has been high as we go into the holiday season.

Check out the Celoxis profile on Insights Success.

About Insights Success

Insights Success is a global business solutions magazine that focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading tech companies, their confrontational style of doing business and way of delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen market share. It is top publication for technology and business updates that is currently ruling the enterprise market.

About Celoxis

Celoxis Technologies is the world leader and an all-in-one platform for project management and work collaboration. The company is one of India's first SaaS companies, founded in 2001 and headquartered in the western city of Pune, India. Celoxis is rated among three best project management software tools in the world and is deployed by more than 2000 customers globally, spanning various industry verticals. To know more visit http://www.celoxis.com

Key Highlights from the Magazine

Improved Visibility

With Celoxis, you get complete visibility of project schedules, resources capacities, utilization, costs, risks, and revenues.

World-class Support

According to Zendesk, Celoxis’ support is better than 94.7% of other Zendesk customers. They have the best engineers managing their support ops.

Exciting Future

Projects gaining strategic importance, changing dynamics at workplace and technological developments mandate an astute focus on innovation and customer experience in the years to come.