It all began in...

The late 90s; a time synonymous with the dot-com boom and bust. A time when project management was considered to be a traditional discipline. A time when our founders Nikhil & Ravindra were just developing the startup itch, trying to explore ideas that could revolutionize the workplace. After looking all around, they found inspiration at close quarters, lurking around their work desks in the United States. They realized that most companies were struggling with their project management initiatives and the existing technologies weren't flexible or scalable enough to address the project management and collaboration challenges at the workplace.
Nikhil and Ravindra set out on their journey back to India with a dream of building the world’s best project management tool. After two years and millions of lines of code, Celoxis officially came to life in 2001. We have come a long way from humble beginnings. We have weathered tough competition, global economic volatility and evolved with changing project management landscape.
Today, with over 2,500 customers globally, Celoxis is one of the most favored project management software platforms around. 16 years later, founders Nikhil and Ravindra still write code and look into every single customer request personally.

The First Movers

Celoxis has been among the first movers in several areas and has proved itself successful.


Indian SaaS Company


to offer SaaS and On-Premise deployment


of free Client Portals


tool with business workflows

Vision and Core Values

To be in the business of helping companies deliver successful projects and results, every time!

Passion, motivation, accountability, keeping things reasonable and commitment to innovation is what keeps us fuelled.

2.8K Companies Worldwide
258K Active Users
3.68M Projects Managed
9.6 Customer Happiness Index