Security & Availability

At Celoxis, keeping your data safe and secure is an important part of our business. We understand that our reputation is at stake and do everything possible in respecting and protecting you and your data. Celoxis servers are located in Softlayer, an IBM company data centers in the United States. Our multi-level approach for shielding customer data against physical and electronic threats ensures maximum uptime and protection.  

Compliance Logos

Key features of our data centers

  • SSAE 16 and SOC 2 compliant, meeting industry-recognized requirements for security and reliability.
  • Self-certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework, thus meeting the EU’s adequacy standard for data and privacy protection.
  • Innovative “Pod” design to leverage standardization and key performance variables optimization across all geographic locations.
  • 24x7 monitoring by administrators and strict access control procedures such as proximity security badge access and digital video surveillance.
  • Regular upgrades to top quality hardware equipments.
  • Redundant best-in-class infrastructure such as power feeds, fiber links, generators and battery backup, ensuring highest level of reliability and availability.
  • Pre-action dry pipe fire suspension systems to automatically trigger fire suppression.
  • Protected from natural disasters like earthquakes.

Access to servers

Access to our servers is through secure shells and is limited only to the co-founders of the company. All our employees are bound by confidentiality and NDA.


As computing power increases, it is of foremost importance to ensure that our application is not compromised by hackers with sophisticated processing capabilities. Access to our application is only via the latest 2048-bit industrial grade SSL certificates.


Our network are protected by latest firewalls. This isolates access points and shields important computers on the internal production network like database servers from the Internet. Our applications run on Ubuntu Linux that makes them inherently less vulnerable to viruses or malwares.

User Identification

All user passwords are one-way hashed and cannot be accessed by anyone. We enforce strict user password policies to enhance data security. Only authorized support personnels are limited to access project data with prior customer authorization.

Intrusion detection system

Our intrusion detection system proactively secures against known and zero-day malwares. We conduct regular audits and monitor log files to double check any vulnerabilities that may have resulted due to misconfiguration or manual errors. Our hardware, operating systems and applications are regularly upgraded with important security fixes. We use NessusⓇ for vulnerability assessment and reporting.

Celoxis SaaS Infrastructure

Celoxis SaaS Infrastructure

Disaster Recovery

We know that downtime isn't just bothersome, it is costly. That is why we have invested in a comprehensive failover and disaster recovery system to protect your data and ensure business continuity.  

Real-time, ingenious replication on different servers

Celoxis utilizes two data centers in different locations in the United States. This eliminates single point of failure. Real-time mirroring ensures that both servers are always in sync thus mitigating the risk of downtime. Our ingenious replication algorithm protects against any inadvertent data anomalies upto the last minute while mirroring.

Rollover in 30 minutes or less

In the event of even the most catastrophic disasters, our backup servers are designed to take over in less than 30 minutes.

RAID System

Our Database RAID system ensures data protection and access without interruption in event of disk failures.

24x7x365 alert mechanisms

Our application is constantly monitored to proactively report any abnormal activities. Using internal and external probes, we ensure that any such occurrences are immediately escalated.

Excellent uptime track record

Our SaaS service has a superior track record of 99.99% uptime. You can view real-time statistics here.