3Squared Redefines Rail Experience With Celoxis

Making Train Travel Safer, Faster, and More Convenient with 3Squared’s Success through Celoxis

About 3Squared

3Squared is a trailblazer of the rail industry innovation. With their groundbreaking software solutions, they're transforming how trains operate and passengers travel. From enhancing driver competence to optimizing passenger experience, 3Squared is reshaping the future of rail travel.

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The Challenge

While the rail industry's swift move towards digitization offers significant growth opportunities for companies like 3Squared, it also introduces a range of challenges:

Regulatory Compliance

Adapting software solutions to comply with evolving regulatory standards across different jurisdictions is complex and time-consuming. 3Squared remaining agile and adaptable is essential for sustained growth.

Skill Scarcity

Due to the scarcity of qualified professionals proficient in both rail industry operations and regulatory compliance, scaling becomes challenging. Effective utilization of these specialized resources is essential to ensure sustained growth.

Fostering Accountability

Maintaining accountability amid team growth requires robust project management tools. Establishing clear structures, tracking progress, and fostering transparency are top priorities for 3Squared.

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

Obtaining real-time project status to track project progress, resource allocation, and financial performance is essential for optimizing operations and driving business growth.

Project Complexity

Project planning becomes increasingly complex as it extends beyond task management to encompass tracking Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies (RAID). This complexity intensifies with the proliferation of projects and interdependencies.

Strategic Data Analysis

As 3Squared expands, the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data across various dimensions becomes critical for driving strategic initiatives.

The Struggle

Relying on outdated tools like Microsoft Project for project planning, spreadsheets for finance tracking, and manual methods for resource planning posed significant challenges for 3Squared. These legacy systems lacked integration, efficiency, and real-time visibility, leading to disjointed workflows, data silos, and increased risk of errors. Transitioning away from these antiquated methods towards more modern, integrated solutions became imperative for streamlining operations and driving growth.

What Changed After Celoxis

Celoxis's user-friendly interface and outstanding support facilitated 3Squared’s team in swiftly becoming proficient with the new system within a couple of days. The rapid adaptation was pleasantly surprising, with these noticeable results emerging within just a couple of months:

Enhanced Project Visibility

Through its centralized repository and intuitive dashboards, managers and executives gained real-time insights into project progress, resource allocation, and financial performance.

Accurate Resource Forecasting

The capacity planning feature of Celoxis enabled 3Squared to make precise resource forecasts, aiding in confident decision-making regarding project prioritization and resource allocation.

Streamlined Risk and Compliance Management

By leveraging Celoxis Custom Apps, 3Squared tracked Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies (RAID) alongside project activities. This approach also facilitated regulatory compliance management.

Effortless Project Proposal Preparation

Celoxis streamlined the project proposal process for 3Squared by generating realistic timelines and budgets from high-level tasks, dependencies, and job roles.

Strategic Data-Driven Decision-Making

3Squared utilized Celoxis' custom fields and reports to extract actionable insights to drive strategic initiatives. Executives generated tailored reports quickly for rapid access to crucial insights.

Cost Tracking and Budget Management

3Squared achieved better cost management and financial control using Celoxis' time and expense tracking capabilities. They could accurately track project costs and compare them against budgets in real-time.

Improved Accountability and Lessons Learned

Celoxis facilitated accountability and performance evaluation by comparing planned versus actual project data from employees. This also facilitated the identification of lessons learned and best practices for future projects.

In summary, 3Squared's use of Celoxis has streamlined resource forecasting, risk management, and decision-making, positioning them for growth and success in the rail industry.

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