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About CDC

CDC Healthcare, an anonymized designation due to NDAs, is a top U.S. healthcare institution with a dynamic R&D team. In collaboration with medical experts, they craft and prototype revolutionary medical devices, advancing patient care through relentless innovation and partnership.

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The Challenge

Nestled within the corridors of a bustling hospital, the R&D team collaborates with frontline healthcare heroes brimming with innovative ideas. From surgeons to nurses, their visions spark the creation of groundbreaking medical devices. Yet, amidst the quest for innovation lies a labyrinth of challenges:

Project Complexity

Medical device prototypes are intricate, necessitating meticulous planning for creation, assembly and testing. Project complexity demands careful handling to ensure timely delivery and maintain quality standards.

Multi-disciplinary Collaboration

Effective collaboration across different departments is crucial for R&D success. However, maintaining confidentiality while accommodating various communication methods and security needs presents a complex challenge.

Budget Constraints

Tracking resource and expense costs is essential to ensure that designs stay within allocated budgets while minimizing expenditures and upholding quality standards.

Fostering Knowledge Exchange

Staying updated on evolving technologies and materials is vital for innovation. However, sharing this knowledge within the team, establishing best practices, and keeping FAQs current pose ongoing challenges.

Managing Auxiliary Processes

Smooth prototype creation, assembly, and testing rely on efficient management of auxiliary processes such as tracking part requests, managing anatomy model requests, scheduling test equipment availability, and addressing project issues.


Due to the sensitive nature of medical device development, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information while enabling effective collaboration presents a critical challenge.

The Struggle with Microsoft Project and Sharepoint

Previously, the R&D team grappled with tools like Microsoft Project and Sharepoint. These platforms lacked the necessary features for effective project management, cost tracking and collaboration. Microsoft Project proved to be cumbersome and expensive, lacking collaborative capabilities. Sharepoint's limitations in external sharing hindered efficient communication with stakeholders. The team struggled to manage projects seamlessly and maintain confidentiality. These challenges prompted the search for a more robust solution that could streamline processes and enhance collaboration across departments.

What Changed After Celoxis

The implementation of Celoxis at CDC brought about significant improvements:

Streamlined project planning

Leveraging Celoxis, CDC efficiently managed inter-project dependencies and timelines, establishing realistic and transparent schedules, optimizing resource utilization without conflicts.

Superior Project visibility

Celoxis' dashboards improved transparency, offering clear insights into project progress for inventors, engineers, sponsors, and stakeholders. Accessible project information instilled confidence in project execution.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration improved notably as Celoxis facilitated regular task updates and shared documents. Custom workflow apps streamlined the management of best practices and FAQs, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Cost Control

Celoxis' integrated time, costing, and expense management enabled CDC to efficiently monitor budgets and costs. Insights from Celoxis dashboards aided in timely identifying and resolving budgetary issues.

Confidentiality Assurance

Celoxis' role-based security and granular permissions ensured confidentiality throughout the project lifecycle. Only authorized personnel had access to sensitive information, maintaining data integrity and security.

Auxiliary Process Optimization

Custom workflow apps in Celoxis streamlined the monitoring of 3D printing and anatomy modeling requests, alongside issue tracking. This convenience of easily tracking requests within Celoxis without the need for multiple apps was refreshing.

With Celoxis, CDC Healthcare has achieved greater efficiency and transparency in its projects, contributing to its mission of innovation and excellence in patient care.

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