Goodman Fielder Transforms Food Industry Operations with Celoxis

Discover how Celoxis helped Goodman Fielder streamline processes, reduce GTM time, and enhance decision-making.

About Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is a leading global food company that makes, packages, and sells a wide variety of food products including well-known brands such as Meadow Lea, Helga's, Wonder White, and Praise.

  • INDUSTRY Food Manufacturing, Marketing, and Distribution
  • LOCATION Australia and Asia Pacific

Food Processing & Distribution

Spreadsheet & Excel


The Challenge

Goodman Fielder faced a series of industry challenges that tested its operational resilience and strategic agility:

Supply Chain Vulnerability

Goodman Fielder is susceptible to unexpected supply chain disruptions, such as bad weather or trade disputes, which can affect timelines and inflate costs.

GTM Struggles

Goodman Fielder, despite pioneering certain products, frequently struggled to capitalize on first-mover advantages due to sluggish internal processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Stringent safety and quality regulations within the food industry heighten project and process complexity, resulting in slowdowns.

Food Industry Skills Shortage

The shortage of skilled workers in the food industry places pressure on the PMO to efficiently monitor and utilize available resources.

Strategic Misalignment

Without a clear system for prioritizing projects, different departments end up with conflicting goals that are not aligned with the company’s overall strategy.

Doubtful Decison-making

With manual conversations and no single source of truth, governance meetings were ineffective, severely impacting strategic decision making.

The Struggle

Goodman Fielder's reliance on spreadsheets excel, and manual methods for project planning and reporting caused significant inefficiencies. Departments faced challenges aligning on priorities, leading to resource misallocation and missed opportunities. Frequent, manual reshuffling of project resources in Excel wasted time and decreased productivity.

Moreover, the lack of real-time visibility from manual reporting processes hampered decision-making, as executives couldn't accurately track project progress or portfolio health. This disjointed approach was time-consuming, prone to errors, and unsustainable for scaling with new initiatives.

Celoxis has been instrumental in driving our project management transformation. With its robust features and intuitive interface, Celoxis has empowered our teams to collaborate effectively, make informed decisions, and drive organizational excellence.

Nin Roberts
Head PMO, Goodman Fielder

What Changed After Celoxis

The shift to Celoxis transformed the way Goodman Fielder managed its projects, bringing about significant improvements in prioritization, decision-making, and resource allocation:

Enhanced Project Visibility

With a centralized project and process repository, everyone could access to any aspects of projects like schedule, resources, costs, and risks.

Accelerated Product Launches

The company saw a 3X improvement in roadmap planning and significantly expedited the time-to-market for new products.

Strategic Project Reprioritization

With Celoxis’ what-if analysis, Goodman Fielder was able to priortize projects accurately in response to market conditions, with a 30% reduction in errors.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Celoxis' resource management enabled more efficient resource distribution across projects, meeting changing priorities and optimizing expertise use.

Informed Decision-Making

Celoxis eradicated time-consuming manual data preparation, providing immediate insights into project and resource metrics for quicker, aligned decisions.

With Celoxis, Goodman Fielder has reached new levels of efficiency and clarity in its projects, supporting its goal of innovation and quality in the food industry.

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