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Discover GroundProbe's Journey to Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration in Mining and Infrastructure Projects

About GroundProbe

Trusted worldwide for over 20 years, GroundProbe specializes in developing real-time geohazard monitoring solutions. Their state-of-the-art technologies deliver precise information, empowering critical decision-making and ensuring safety for mining and civil operations globally.

  • INDUSTRY Mining and Civil Operators
  • LOCATION Australia

Mining and Extraction

Microsoft Project


The Challenge

The nature of their work, which revolves around delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique demands of mining and infrastructure projects, posed several challenges:

Project Complexity

GroundProbe's projects are multifaceted and complex, involving intricate processes, diverse stakeholder collaborations and multiple teams.


Dispersed teams, including external vendors, across different locations hinder collaboration and coordination efforts, and can lead to delays and frustrations.

Resource Allocation

With numerous concurrent projects and limited and shared resources, as well as the necessity for on-location team presence during specific project phases adds complexity to resource allocation and scheduling.

Cost Management

Accurately estimating and controlling project costs remains a challenge, risking budget overruns and compromising project profitability.

Project Visibility & Reporting

Tracking project progress, milestones, and dependencies across divisions and regions, and accurately aggregating this data for management, is vital.

The Struggle

GroundProbe's Product Development and GeoPhysics divisions faced a significant setback without a formal project management tool. Relying on a patchwork of spreadsheets, emails, and verbal communication, tracking project progress became convoluted. This disjointed approach resulted in missed deadlines, cost overruns, and left project managers in the dark. Adding to the challenge, updating project timelines with employee leave proved cumbersome, exacerbating the struggle to maintain efficiency and control in their workflows.

The Evaluation Process

Laura Yue, Business Analyst, and her team at GroundProbe were tasked with finding a solution to their project management challenges. GroundProbe meticulously evaluated several competitors, including Microsoft Project, Wrike, and SmartSheet, alongside Celoxis. Key criteria such as usability, project planning, cost tracking, and dashboard features were scrutinized. Integration and customization options were also evaluated. Celoxis emerged as the preferred choice due to its comprehensive project management capabilities, intuitive dashboard features, and responsive customer support.

Celoxis is a great tool to manage projects, costs, resources, time and progress. It is feature-rich, easy to implement and highly customizable. It’s reporting capabilities are superb and it’s customer support is simply exceptional.

Laura Yue
Business Analyst, GroundProbe

What Changed After Celoxis

Celoxis's user-friendly interface and outstanding support facilitated GroundProbe's teams in swiftly becoming proficient with the new system within a couple of days. The rapid adaptation was pleasantly surprising, with these noticeable results emerging within just a couple of months:

Improved Project Planning

With Celoxis, GroundProbe streamlined project planning, creating accurate plans accommodating diverse resource schedules and setting realistic timelines.

Enhance Project Visibility

Celoxis offered real-time project insights via intuitive dashboards, empowering GroundProbe to effectively track progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure timely adjustments.

Improved Cost Control

Celoxis's facilitated accurate project cost monitoring, empowering GroundProbe to detect budget overruns early and take corrective action promptly.

Streamlined Resource Management

Celoxis optimized resource allocation, balancing on-site and remote assignments while tracking planned versus actual usage, enhancing project efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

GroundProbe improved team productivity and cohesion by leveraging Celoxis's centralized project repositories and communication channels.

Enhanced Decision-Making

GroundProbe's management utilized Celoxis's reporting tools to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and strategically allocate resources, driving data-driven decisions.

Overall, Celoxis proved instrumental in driving operational excellence and achieving strategic goals for GroundProbe.

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