Modernizing Practices at Norway's Historic Academy

Discover How Celoxis is Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Driving Educational Impact at Kristiania University College

About Kristiania University College

Kristiania University College, known for its rich history dating back to 1914, is a renowned educational institution in Norway. Recognized for its cutting-edge research and esteemed faculty, KUC consistently ranks among Norway's top institutions, shaping generations of leaders and innovators.

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  • LOCATION Oslo, Norway


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The Challenge

Kristiania University College (KUC) is dedicated to making a significant positive impact on society through education. However, in the face of rapid real-world changes, KUC must adapt promptly to maintain its premier reputation. Upon auditing its processes and activities, KUC has identified several critical challenges requiring urgent attention:

Curriculum Development Hurdles

KUC's mission to regularly update its curriculum and prepare students for challenges in employment or further studies was hindered by inadequate coordination tools among faculty, administrators, and students.

Wasted Resources, Vulnerable Systems

Initiating IT projects in departmental silos led to duplicated efforts, wasting resources and hindering the effective upgrade, integration, and security of key technological systems, leaving them vulnerable and outdated.

Financial Strain

Kristiania faced an average of 15% cost overruns on projects, complicating budgeting and financial planning processes. These overruns added pressure to the university’s fiscal stability and strained investments in key strategic initiatives.

Morale and Quality Woes

25% of staff time and effort at Kristiania was misallocated to inconsequential tasks, resulting in subpar project outcomes. This misallocation negatively impacted both workplace morale and the quality of educational delivery.

Stifled R&D

Serious research, demanding strong coordination between faculty and students, is pivotal for maintaining KUC's premier status. However, inadequate software led to setbacks, impacting output and team morale.

Strategic Initiatives Backlog

Limited visibility into departmental activities hindered management in implementing crucial initiatives such as industry partnerships and international collaborations, which are essential for maintaining KUC's leading position in the academic landscape.

The Evaluation Process

Kristiania University College initiated a quest for a project management tool that could effectively fulfill its specific requirements for project oversight and data integration. Under the leadership of the university's CISO, Ivan, the team explored various project management tools, including popular options like Asana, Wrike,, and Smartsheet. While simpler tools resembled basic to-do list managers, more complex ones mimicked spreadsheets, resulting in cumbersome processes for project management and reporting.

Celoxis stood out with its structured and robust approach, perfectly aligning with their needs. Its intuitive interface and customizable features enabled the team to swiftly recognize its value during the trial phase. The proactive engagement of Celoxis's customer success team, coupled with their consultative approach, proved instrumental in selecting Celoxis as the ultimate project management solution for the KUC team.

Celoxis was a game-changer for us. Its flexibility allowed us to tailor it to our specific needs. Accountability became crystal clear. We could assign tasks and monitor progress with ease, which had a significant impact on project outcomes.

Kristoffer Myklebust Egset
Project Co-ordinator, Kristiania University College

What Changed After Celoxis

The shift to Celoxis transformed the way Kristiania University College managed its projects, bringing about significant improvements in prioritization, decision-making, and resource allocation:

Enhanced Departmental Transparency

Celoxis' scheduled dashboard reports ensured stakeholders in every department received tailored updates every Monday morning, improving transparency.

Improved Project Management Efficiency

By assigning clear responsibilities and deadlines, and enabling easy project tracking, Celoxis empowered managers to increase project success rates by 15%.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Streamlined collaboration and transparency with Celoxis reduced resource misallocation to just 10%, maximizing productivity and team morale.

Unified Collaboration for R&D

Integrating Celoxis with Microsoft Forms streamlined collaboration for the R&D team, achieving centralized information management even for non-Celoxis users.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Celoxis' Client Portal facilitated seamless client interaction and project status visibility, resulting in a significant uptick in client satisfaction.

Celoxis has become an integral part of Kristiania University's project management processes, facilitating better project oversight and driving positive changes in their operations.

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