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Explore How McDonald's Improved its IT Workflow by Switching from ClickUp to Celoxis

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McDonald's is a well-known multinational fast-food restaurant chain, with a vast network of franchises and company-owned restaurants worldwide.

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The Challenge

Responsible with creating, deploying, and maintaining critical technological systems such as the online ordering platform and digital interfaces for customer engagement, the challenges are multifaceted:

Reliability & Stability of Existing Systems

Monitor and maintain software and infrastructure that directly affect customer experience to maintain reliability and stability over time.

Rapid Deployment of New Technology

Swift deployment of infrastructure and software to address the dynamic needs arising from limited-time promotions and seasonal offerings.

Efficient Resource Utilization

With different teams sharing resources, resources need to be scheduled to avoid conflicts and ensure optimal resource utilization.

Internal & External Team Coordination

Orchestrate IT teams, external vendors, and store operations to ensure timely delivery of initiatives and seamless operation.

Executive Reporting

Regularly update management about critical initiatives, such as SAP implementation, Single-Sign On migration, or launch of a new order channel.

Their Struggle with ClickUp

The IT department faced significant obstacles while utilizing ClickUp for project management.

Limited Visibility and Control

ClickUp's constrained features impeded visibility into project progress hampering understanding of project statuses across stores and portfolios.

Inefficient Collaboration

ClickUp failed to streamline operations between internal IT teams, store operations, and external vendors, leading to disjointed efforts and missed deadlines.

Data Inconsistency

ClickUp's platform exhibited inconsistencies and inaccuracies in storing project information, particularly regarding store rollouts and app development.

Sluggish Executive Reporting

ClickUp's limited reporting capabilities made monitoring diverse portfolios difficult. Generating reports took weeks, rendering the data stale by the time they were ready.

Resource Sharing Across Teams

ClickUp lacked features to facilitate efficient sharing of resources across multiple teams leading to conflicts and inefficiencies in workload scheduling.

Accountability Issues

ClickUp's platform struggled to provide mechanisms for ensuring accountability. Task completion statuses and user productivity were often unclear.

The Evaluation Process

Led by Senior IT Manager Abir Habbal, McDonald’s UAE conducted a meticulous evaluation to identify a project management solution tailored to their needs. Criteria included features, integration capabilities with their existing systems, usability, scalability, and customer support.

After thorough assessment, Celoxis emerged as the preferred choice. Celoxis' excellent customer support during the evaluation process played a crucial role in McDonald's decision to choose it as their preferred project management solution.

Whether it's tracking project portfolios, scheduling resources and tasks, or generating weekly reports, Celoxis has become our go-to solution.

Abir Sandra Habbal
Sr. IT Manager, McDonalds UAE

What Changed After Celoxis

The implementation of Celoxis at McDonald's UAE brought about significant improvements:

Productivity Boost

Streamlined processes led to increased efficiency and productivity among team members. Tasks were completed more swiftly, resulting in notable time savings.

Cost Reduction

Through optimized resource allocation, McDonald's UAE experienced tangible cost reductions, minimizing wastage and improving resource utilization.


Celoxis facilitated the standardization of project management practices across all operations, ensuring consistency and reliability in project execution.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved communication and task management capabilities fostered better collaboration among IT teams, store operations, and external vendors.

Improved Accountability

Celoxis' robust task and time tracking functionalities enabled accurate reporting of work hours and better monitoring of task progress.

Enhanced Executive Reporting

With Celoxis, executives could access real-time project dashboards instantly, eliminating the need for weeks of report preparation, reducing frustration and errors.

Overall, Celoxis proved instrumental in driving operational excellence and achieving strategic goals for McDonald's.

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