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About NKI

Ngai Kwong International Ltd. (NKI) stands as a premier OEM manufacturer, supplying millions of consumer products globally. These include vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, water filters, lighting solutions, and beauty appliances for renowned brands worldwide.

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Microsoft Project



The Challenge

In our modern world, the devices we use daily, like coffee makers and vacuum cleaners, seem simple and convenient. Behind the scenes, companies like NKI work tirelessly to bring these everyday essentials into existence. However, the journey from concept to creation is fraught with complexities and hurdles that often go unnoticed. From sourcing materials to ensuring quality and efficiency, NKI faces a myriad of challenges that shape the products we use and rely on daily.

Project Complexity

Projects are multifaceted involving procurement, manufacturing, and testing, with varying durations and product types. Shared human and material resources mean a misstep can cause severe ripple effects.

Supply and Manufacturing Disruptions

NKI encounters common challenges such as raw material unavailability, equipment breakdowns, and quality issues, necessitating rapid and precise project replanning to prevent manufacturing downtime.

Project & Resource Forecasting

NKI must accurately forecast project start times based on the availability of manpower and equipment, considering both ongoing and future projects, to provide reliable estimates and maintain credibility in the market.

Financial Confusion

NKI's reliance on manual data entry within their SAP system led to the misallocation of costs and uninvoiced services, exacerbating revenue loss and financial confusion within the organization.

Transparency and Collaboration

Stakeholders, including suppliers, engineers, managers, and clients, engage in dynamic decision-making to navigate market changes and manufacturing issues. Clients demand transparency in project tracking.

Assorted Project Functions

NKI's projects involve various critical processes like quality inspections, root cause identification, and defect rate tracking, which require accurate and timely monitoring to enhance operations and satisfy clients.

Security and Isolation of Projects

NKI, structured into various business units, necessitated limited visibility for innovative projects, especially during prototype stages, to safeguard confidentiality within the organization.

Unscientific Decision-making

Due to NKI's project complexity, decisions depend on multiple variables, even basic assessments like evaluating quality engineers require data. The organization operated on anecdotes, lacking factual data, leading management to rely on subjective opinions over facts.

The Struggle with Microsoft Project & ProjectManager.com

NKI's journey in project management started with its own system, then moved to Microsoft Project, and later to ProjectManager.com, each step aimed at improving cost efficiency and functionality. However, each new system brought challenges: Microsoft Project complicated product development with its cost and utilization inconsistencies, while ProjectManager.com lacked essential capabilities, flexibility, and scalability required by NKI's expanding operations.

When Tomasz Kowalski became COO, he saw that NKI needed a better project management tool, one that fit the complex needs of a large company. His pursuit for a tool that could handle enterprise-level PPM challenges led NKI to Celoxis, a platform distinguished by its ability to meet NKI's demands for data-driven decision-making, resource management, detailed project planning, and client collaboration, all while ensuring the security and scalability necessary for NKI's continued growth and success in a competitive marketplace.

Celoxis was meant to improve our project management, but it has profoundly impacted the way we work. It has transformed the way we run our operations, our decision-making and most importantly our culture.

Tomasz Kowalski
Chief Operating Officer, NKI Ltd.

What Changed After Celoxis

Celoxis's intuitive interface and exceptional support empowered NKI's team to quickly master the new system. In less than a year, Celoxis transcended from a project management tool to a comprehensive ecosystem, seamlessly handling project management, bill of materials, supplier management, quality checks, processes, and collaboration across the entire value chain. Today, Celoxis serves as a unified and user-friendly platform facilitating communication among engineers, quality specialists, clients, and suppliers.

Improved On-time Delivery

Before Celoxis, only about 1 in 4 (25%) NKI tasks were completed on time. After adopting Celoxis, this improved dramatically, with over 9 out of 10 (90%) tasks meeting their deadlines within a year.

Enhanced Quality and Satisfaction

By leveraging Celoxis's custom apps, NKI optimized quality control processes & personnel monitoring, resulting in a remarkable 50% increase in accuracy. This enhacement significantly improved client satisfaction.

Reduced Operational Costs

Celoxis standardized and automated quality processes, slashing operational costs by 30% across various levels, thereby enhancing profitability and ensuring sustained company growth.

Data-Driven Culture

Celoxis' advanced B.I. analytics and dashboards have revolutionized NKI's culture, fostering discussions and decisions grounded in readily accessible data for all stakeholders.

Improved Visibility and Communication

All stakeholders have access to project data, allowing them to monitor progress, identify potential issues & collaborate on timely solutions. This enhanced visibility also enables proactive responses to market dynamics.

Better Project Scheduling & Tracking

Celoxis enabled precise scheduling of projects with thousands of inter-dependent tasks. Early warning systems provided real-time insight at a glance without the need to deep-dive into every project.

Enhanced PMO Oversight

Utilizing Celoxis's project status reporting and document management, in conjunction with its ability to track NKI's custom KPIs, ensured the PMO remained fully informed about all aspects of each project.

Through Celoxis, NKI has unlocked new levels of operational efficiency, streamlined decision-making, and cultivated a culture of data-driven excellence.

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