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Discover how Celoxis aids in delivering governance apps for citizens and the government of the world's 3rd largest democracy.

About Sangkuriang Internasional

Sangkuriang Internasional (S.I.), a leader in IT consulting, specializes in providing software solutions to Indonesia's government. With expertise in Big Data, system design, and IT strategy, their team develops custom apps for public and government use.

  • INDUSTRY Software Development for Goverment
  • LOCATION Indonesia

Software Development

Government IT Projects



The Challenge

Government projects in Indonesia, the world's 3rd largest democracy, entail a multifaceted landscape, demanding proficiency in both bidding and execution phases, alongside stringent compliance requirements. The challenges are further compounded by a dearth of IT expertise within governmental bodies, amplifying the hurdles faced.

Project Bidding

Government project auctions are competitive and complex, requiring precise proposals in terms of timelines and budgets due to heavy penalties. Careful assessment of resources and potential staffing adjustments is crucial to meet deadlines.

Project Complexity

Government IT projects, with their large scale, diverse stakeholders, multiple integrations, and regulatory hurdles, pose significant management challenges.

Strict Deadlines and Tight Budgets

Government projects often come with tight deadlines and budgets, with severe penalties, challenging IT firms to deliver quality work on time without overspending.

Project Methodology

Balancing developers' preference for Agile Kanban boards with managers' desire for clear deliverable dates and dependencies through Gantt charts introduces complexity and potential for errors, stemming from the absence of a unified source of truth.

Cloud Restrictions

Government projects face regulatory hurdles, limiting cloud solutions for IT firms. S.I. seeks on-premise tools that integrate seamlessly with their current systems.

Transparency and Collaboration

The government prioritizes transparency, with ministry officials actively monitoring projects, participating in issue resolution and change requests, and maintaining regular collaboration with the SI's team.

The Struggle With JIRA

In 2023, Sangkuriang embarked on a significant project to develop and deploy 39 custom applications for the Ministry of Communications and Information. Recognizing the immense scale of the endeavor, they sought a tool equipped to manage such complexity effectively. However, their existing tool, Jira, presented several challenges:

  • Limited Planning & Tracking: Jira lacked robust Gantt charts, baselines, inter-project dependencies and real-time plan updates.
  • Workload Visibility: Without a clear view of workload, resource allocation was ineffective, resulting in overallocation and project delays.
  • Client Collaboration: Clients lacked a dedicated platform for tracking project progress, submitting change requests, or participating in discussions.

To address these challenges, Sangkuriang sought a comprehensive tool that could seamlessly integrate all project aspects, facilitate smoother collaboration, provide clear project visibility, and enhance task and client management.

What Changed After Celoxis

Within a year of using Celoxis, Sangkuriang Internasional observed significant benefits:

Informed Bidding Decisions

S.I. ca forecast resource availability based on skill sets, aiding in decisive bidding on new projects. This data-driven approach ensures accuracy in bidding estimates.

Improved Visibility

With a central platform, S.I. now efficiently monitors project progress, resources, issues & risks in real time, enhancing visibility for quicker problem-solving.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Celoxis helped S.I. optimize resource allocation and monitoring, providing real-time visibility into availability and progress, while also facilitating team performance tracking.

Traditional & Agile Fusion

Celoxis integrates agile and traditional methodologies, offering managers Gantt charts for planning & tracking, and developers Kanban boards for sprint management.

Increased PMO Efficiency

Celoxis boosted S.I.'s PMO efficiency by 52% with streamlined executive reporting, improved analytics, and dashboards, freeing the team for strategic tasks.

Streamlined Client Collaboration

Celoxis offers a client portal that enables Ministry clients to log in and directly view project progress, join discussions, review issues, and submit change requests.

Sangkuriang's successful project delivery for MCI showcases Celoxis' effectiveness in managing complex government IT projects, optimizing resources, and boosting client satisfaction.

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