Enhanced Data Visualizations

This release brings in newer charts including comparison bars, 100% stacked bars and trend lines. Instantly compare actuals versus estimates and assess different aspects of your projects and resources in real-time.

Display colors for tasks
Scatter plot

Card View

Visualize your work across multiple dimensions. The card view presents your tasks in a board display that is based on pre-defined or custom pick list values. The view also gives you the functionality of Kanban to move tasks through a custom flow.

Multiple Dashboards

Celoxis now allows you to configure and share more than one dashboards. This enables managers and executives to neatly organize related information by context.

Scheduled Report Delivery

Schedule and deliver reports automatically at certain days and times as email attachments to the recipients you've selected.

Display colors for tasks

Keep Tabs on Your Project Cash Flows and Reveal Profit Margins

Measure actual and estimated profit margins or keep tabs on your monthly project cash flows. Know who's fully billable and who's not. Discover trends that impact business results.

Roll Up on Custom Fields

A highly demanded feature that allows data captured in custom fields to roll up from the sub tasks to summary tasks and projects.

Display Colors for Tasks

Color-code your tasks to make them visually distinct and highlight different types of work in your project. Use this to highlight key deliverables or differentiate tasks that require client input from your other internal activities.

Display colors for tasks
Scatter plot

Scatter Charts

With our new scatter chart, you can uncover correlations between your data and derive insights from them. This brand-new charting option lets you to easily display and compare numeric values giving managers and executives an effective tool for decision making.

Read more about data visualization

Add Multiple Tasks and Milestones in One Go

You can add multiple tasks, sub-tasks and milestones to your project plan at one go. You can easily create your WBS with task names or go with adding other details such as resources, dates or durations at the same time.

Add multiple tasks and milestones

Multiple Select and Bulk Editing for Projects

You can now take advantage of bulk editing when you need to make the same edit to multiple projects.

More cool stuff...

New-look Gantt Toolbar & Context Menu

A simplified and intuitive Gantt Toolbar and a new-look context menu.

Improved Page Design

Newer design with expanded page actions and improved context menus.

New Custom Field Formulae & Improved Syntax

New string concatenation operators, shorthand syntax, sets, lists and other data structures.

Improved Project Views

A new tabbed-access that makes it easier to get to your project views.

Bulk Operations for Users View

Ability to set user’s roles, dashboards, rates, work calendar and custom fields in bulk.

Simplified Security

Simplified screens for defining roles, permissions and members.

Say "Hello" to Notification Center

De-clutter your inbox and work effectively without leaving the comfort of the project management system. With Notification Center, you can see all your important incoming messages at a glance. Notifications keep you informed whenever you are assigned new work, or when something has changed on the items you follow.

In-app notifications
Projects View

Introducing Views

Views give you an optimal way to manage your different projects, tasks, bugs, files and other work items in the system. This allows you to quickly segment, and then take action on specific items. List views make it ideal for organizing data as per your business's specific needs.

Engage your teammates in important conversations

Need to grab your colleagues' attention to your message? Just @mention them in your conversations and they’ll instantly see your message.


Faster Reports Rendering

Improved HTML, AJAX, and CSS changes to enhance rendering reports and make them beautifully simple.

Usability Enhancements

UI improvements for better productivity. It’s simply a new interface, so everything you’d expect to see, is all available here.