What’s the best thing you know about project management software? Probably, one package with all the productivity tools. Right?  Being loved by many, is your team using a project management system already or you are still wondering what it is? This article will have all the what’s and why’s of a project management software for you – no matter what industry or project you are working in.

What is project management software?

One way for project managers to control costs and hit deadlines. Project management software  help teams and managers to deliver the projects they commit to. It is a means of managing a project by planning, organizing, and controlling the different aspects.

Benefits of using a project management software

1. Prioritize the right projects

Your team should be working on the right priorities because all projects need clear priorities! As shifting priorities is the natural part of working life, you should know when you don’t prioritize work it can leave havoc to all your projects. No matter how well you planned the things, re-prioritization and the regular appearance of surprises is just the natural order of things. Project management software can help managers prioritize the right projects and ultimately increase your productivity, meet your deadlines, and manage your time at work.


Take a look at these steps to prioritize your tasks at work :

  • Make a list of all your tasks by gathering your to-dos
  • Prioritization method like eat that frog
  • Calendar to schedule your tasks
  • Set the order on the basis of estimated effort
  • Communicate task progress with your teammates
  • Give projects tasks a finish date
  • Stay focussed


2. Gives the project team a voice


It is tough for a business to be successful without having the words from the team. It let’s team members to access each other’s work, engage in threaded discussions, add comments, and have secure conversations.


3. Perfect for planning your budget


For a project manager, it can be a very difficult task to put together the initial budget. A budget includes things you’ll need, how much of each material you need, how much you’ll be spending on labor , and more. When you have to deal with projects, you’ll have to proactively manage the costs and stay on budget. With project management software, managing budgets will be a breeze. You can track your expenses, create budget plans, estimate all costs, and quickly set up your budget. Project management system saves you from digging through files related to your project and everything can be searched very quickly at your fingertips.


4.Work delegation and scheduling


When working on projects, managers face the problem of team members from different regions and have a different understanding. Using project management software, it lets you divide your project into many tasks to maintain uniformity and transparency. As you split the tasks, you can assign each to a person so everybody knows who is doing what. There will be no confusion about who is responsible for what or what task needs to be worked on.


5. Deliver projects on time


With the use of a time tracking software, project managers will be able to document the time spent on tasks and use the saved data to automate the invoicing process. You can deliver your projects on time and manage team members in a better and efficient manner.


6. Access 24/7


Your team may need access to files and documents at all time to check and update their work. A dynamic project management system will let you locate your documents from anywhere at any time through a mobile app and cloud-based system. Also, no matter what and when, it will keep your team connected.

With more and more teams working globally, project management is becoming more critical than ever. Make sure you pick a tool that lets you manage your team and clients on the go.



Vartika Kashyap is the Marketing Manager at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2017 & 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click.

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