Configuring Company Settings

The company settings form allows you to configure behaviour and defaults for your users. It also allows for entering your Single Sign-On settings.

Some of the non-trivial settings are:

  • Company Code A business ID. We recommend that you enter the second level of your domain name here. E.g. should enter acme here.
  • Document Language Celoxis uses a search engine library that will behave differently when you are mostly going to enter CJK text
  • Week starts on This determines the first day of the week shown in calendars
  • Min. Days in 1st Week This determines whether the week of 1st January lies in the 53rd Week of the previous year or 1st week of the current year.
  • Fiscal Year Starts This determines where a date lies in Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4.
  • Allow personal dashboards This is covered in the chapter on dashboards

Single Sign-On

This topic has been covered in depth in this chapter.