Version 14.0

SaaS: Oct 23, 2021     On-Premise: Nov 18, 2021
Enhancements (3 Oct 2022)

  • "Client : Root" now available as a groupable column in Time Phased Report.
  • Bug Fix - HTML print displayed ? where % was visible.
  • 1 min minimum for time entry.

Enhancements (27 Sept 2022)

  • Bug Fix - Task Report was showing tasks from a deleted project. This happened only when there were 15k+ records.
  • Followers list now copied over while cloning issues.
  • "Following" filter in app reports to see issues, risks, etc you are added as follower.
  • Duration variance columns are truncated.

Enhancements (12 Sept 2022)

  • Ability to add Gantt report of type task to the dashboard. This was one of the most demanded feature.
  • Shows actuals in TPR even when resource is not assigned to a work item (task or app item).
  • Enhancement: User name shown on mouseover of user avatar in a board view.
  • You can now visually compare your baseline with planned or Planned vs projected bars to Gantt charts. Available on cross project views too. A popular feature request on our forum.
  • User with no job role will be shown under <None> when TPR is grouped by Primary Job Role.
  • "Move" Task option available under the action Menu for quick action.

Enhancements (29 Aug 2022)

  • Job role is now displayed in Profile of Non-Admin user.
  • "Time Type" option in Stack by to Compare Non-Project vs Project in a Time Entry report.
  • Import Time option now available on Projects. It was earlier restricted to Admin role only.
  • You can now map Resources from MPP file with Job Roles present in Celoxis.

Enhancements (28 July 2022)

  • Bug Fix - TPR was showing financial data even though view financial was denied for user.
  • Bug Fix - Until date was not included in weekly recur exception.
  • Bulk edit option - "Visible to Requestor" in app reports.
  • Bulk edit option "Roles Like" in User report to quickly setup roles for multiple users.

Enhancements (30 June 2022)

  • New timesheet interface.
  • Bug Fix: The Recent menu on LHS kept load in case of accidental move over on load.
  • Performance Improvement - TPR

Enhancements (16 June 2022)

  • "Followers" available as a bulk option in a task report.
  • Performance improvement for Dashboards - Load time reduced (Dashboard loads first and then reports inside will load).
  • Ability to search user by middle name in @mentions.
  • Baseline Effort column is summable in reports.

Enhancements (27 Apr 2022)

  • "Allow time logging" available as a bulk option in a task report.
  • Timesheet: Increased the number of work items from 1000 to 2000.
  • Integer fields now available on X axis of a scatter chart. Previously it was only on Y axis.
  • Delayed task email notification was triggered for Summary tasks. This will not be sent now.
  • "Parent Client" available under client's bulk actions.

Enhancements (4 Apr 2022)

  • Job Role filter now available in a Task Report so you can find tasks assigned to specific job roles.
  • Added ExternalKey field to Time Entry. This can be added/updated via API only during integrations with other tools. Available in report columns.

Enhancements (14 Mar 2022)

  • Card view (aka Kanban view) is now highly customizable. You can choose the attributes that you want including custom formula fields.
  • You can use 'sum' to control the size of the bubbles in scatter charts.
  • Increased the number of shared dashboards. It now depends on the number of users you have purchased.
    Shared dashboards = min(max(20, users × 2), 100)
    This means that every account will have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 100 shared dashboards.
  • Icon refresh.

Enhancements (28 Feb 2022)

  • Improved layout of the reports panel.
  • Views can now be edited from the reports panel.

Enhancements (11 Feb 2022)

  • Notification for the requestor and followers when the app item is created.

Enhancements (8 Feb 2022)

  • ALAP constraints are now remembered in templates.
  • Added warning message while changing billing type.

Enhancements (31 Jan 2022)

  • Fixed bug in importing predecessors via CSV
  • Added function roundTo(numberOfDecimals, number) that will help you in formulas to round any number to the specified decimal places.

Enhancements (17 Jan 2022)

  • Successors (Inter-Project) & Predecessors (Inter-Project) columns added to let users quickly identify inter-project dependencies.
  • Ability to import predecessors via CSV
  • Internationalised sample CSV files

Keyboard Enhancements on Timesheet (13 Jan 2021)

  • Space key in the hours field opens the comment window.
  • Ctrl+Enter closes the comment window.
  • Editing mode is retained after closing the comments window so you can edit the hours or use the tab key to go to next cell.

Enhancements (10 Dec 2021)

  • Schedule type is now part of project response via API
  • When entering timesheet comments, the text editor is focussed automatically.
  • If you entered timesheet comments and tried to navigate away from the page, you will be warned of the risk of losing the data you entered.

Enhancements (3 Dec 2021)

  • Ability to maximize (full-screen mode) project views.
  • Kanban board enhancements - attachments, comments, and finish date are now shown on the card.
  • Timesheet widget added for dashboard for quick overview and access to current timesheet.

v14 (23 Oct 2021)

  • You can now easily add your reports to your main menu for quick access. On the report form, pick the menu item under where this report should appear in the "Menu Shortcut" field.
  • You can now share reports with Job Roles. Earlier, you could share a report with everyone or specific workspaces. Now, you can pick job roles so that only those people belonging to that job role see that report.
  • You can now control the visibility of your views (LHS menu items). For example, you can decide whether the Workload view should be accessible to your team members or not.
  • Improved visibility of your team members' utilization across the non-project activities. You can now see your resources' actual utilization with their timecodes in your time-phased reports instead of just the non-project row.
  • Time code filter added to the time-phased report to filter data based on timecodes.
  • Ability to import "priority" while importing app items.
  • "Invoiced On" column added to the Expense report.
  • Email notification to project manager when a project is assigned to them.
  • Improved the "All Reports" screen.
  • Improved usability of the main menu; it is more forgiving to accidental mouse slips.
  • Time Log moved out on the LHS menu for quick access.
  • Color-coded actuals on your time-phased reports to visually identify issues.
  • On-Premise: SQL Server 2019 and Postgres 14 now supported.