Version 14.0

SaaS: Oct 23, 2021     On-Premise: Nov 18, 2021

  • You can now easily add your reports to your main menu for quick access. On the report form, pick the menu item under where this report should appear in the "Menu Shortcut" field.
  • You can now share reports with Job Roles. Earlier, you could share a report with everyone or specific workspaces. Now, you can pick job roles so that only those people belonging to that job role see that report.
  • You can now control the visibility of your views (LHS menu items). For example, you can decide whether the Workload view should be accessible to your team members or not.
  • Improved visibility of your team members' utilization across the non-project activities. You can now see your resources' actual utilization with their timecodes in your time-phased reports instead of just the non-project row.
  • Time code filter added to the time-phased report to filter data based on timecodes.
  • Ability to import "priority" while importing app items.
  • "Invoiced On" column added to the Expense report.
  • Email notification to project manager when a project is assigned to them.
  • Improved the "All Reports" screen.
  • Improved usability of the main menu; it is more forgiving to accidental mouse slips.
  • Time Log moved out on the LHS menu for quick access.
  • Color-coded actuals on your time-phased reports to visually identify issues.
  • On-Premise: SQL Server 2019 and Postgres 14 now supported.