Apps Email Integration

Custom Apps can be initiated by emails. Emails can either be free form (sent by people) or structured (generated by filling a web form).

Direct Interface

This is used when we want to start workflows when people send an email to a particular address. For example, we may want to create bugs when our cutomers send an email to

SenderBecomes the item's requestor
SubjectBecomes the item's summary
BodyBecomes the item's description
AttachmentsAre added as file attachments to the item
For more information visit the Top MenuAdminCustom AppsEmail Integration page.

Indirect Interface

This helps you integrate an existing system with one of your custom apps. For example you have a web based form on your web site that users fill and submit to initiate an workflow in Celoxis.

In this model, your program will send a plaintext email to an email address with a well formatted body as described in Top MenuAdminCustom AppsEmail Integration page.

Email Aliases

When you want to use the direct email interface, you would want to expose nice and simple email addresses to your users. For example, or However, addresses generated by Celoxis are like The way to bridge the two is through email aliases.

Let's say that Acme wants create bugs in Celoxis when people send emails to Acme would:

  1. Generate the email address for the bug by going to: Top MenuAdminCustom AppsEmail Integration. Let's say that this email address is
  2. Acme in it's email server would create an alias that would redirect to
  3. If Acme is a SaaS customer, they would notify us of this mapping and we would update our servers. This typically would take one business day.
    If Acme is an On-Premise customer, they can open Top MenuAdminSiteAdminSite SettingsEmail Aliases and enter in the text area, save and restart the server.