Project States

Project states enable you to define and track the project lifecycle from initiation to closure. By default, we provide the following states: Draft, Active, Canceled, On-Hold, Archived; but you can customize them to suit your business.

States also allow you to control some aspects of system behaviour. For example, you could disallow logging time for projects in the Draft and Archived project states.

System behaviour is also different based on the project state's stage.


Every project state must belong to one and only one of the following project stages: Planning, Execution and Closure. The system will behave differently for projects based on the stage its project state represents as described below:

RAG Indicators Email Notifications New Exceptions
Impact Schedule

For example, if you define a project state called Unapproved and set its stage to be Planning, then any project in the state Unapproved will not have RAG indicators nor will it generate email notifications. However, any work exceptions added for work calendars or resources will result in the project plan to be recalculated.

Using project states

A project may belong to only one project state.

Project state can be set on the add/edit project screen under the Custom Fields tab. To modify project state for many projects at once you can use the bulk edit screen.

Project states can also be used in columns, filters, groups, and charts.

Managing project states

Only administrators can manage project states. To manage project states navigate to Top MenuAdminProject ManagementProject States