Project Team

A project team is a set of users who work on a project. The main advantages in defining a project team are:

  1. Convenience - you will see only the users in your project team while assigning tasks to users.
  2. Security - you can assign special privileges to users in the project team. For example, you can configure the system such that any user in the project team can comment on any task in the project.

Defining a project's team

Project team can be set on the add/edit project screen under the Advanced tab.

A few rules to remember:

  • Project managers defined for the project are always part of that project's team.
  • Users assigned to tasks in a project are always part of that project's team.

Enabling project team capability

To enable the project team capability, navigate to Top MenuAdminProject ManagementProject Options and uncheck the When assigning tasks to user show all users, not just users in project team. option.

For small teams, this capability may be an overkill and is better to disable it.