Project Types

Project types help you categorize your projects. Using our reports, you can get important KPIs like profit, effort and margin aggregated for your project types, thus helping you understand business performance.

You can also setup custom fields specific to your project types to capture relevant business data.

For example, a legal firm may have project types such as Bankruptcy and Patents. Custom fields could be Insurance Company and Loan Number for the former; and Patent number, Patent Sponsor and Patent state for the latter.

Using project types

A project may belong to only one project type.

Project types can be set on the add/edit project screen under the Custom Fields tab. To modify project type for many projects at once you can use the bulk edit screen.

Project types can also be used in columns, filters, groups, and charts.

Managing project types

Only administrators can manage project types. To manage project types navigate to Top MenuAdminProject ManagementProject Types