Resource Assignment

When you assign a resource to a task, Celoxis allows you to specify whether you want the resource to work full time (100%), half time (50%), any other fraction (e.g. 30%) or even a certain amount of hours (e.g. 20 hours).

Entering the correct allocation is important when you want to monitor resource workload. E.g. if Joe is scheduled to work 100% on task T1 from M-F and also 100% on task T2 in the same time period, the resource load chart will show Joe as overloaded that week. This is because the total effort expected by each task will be 40 i.e. a total of 80 but Joe works only 40 hours per week. If you intended that Joe work half the time on T1 and half the time on T2, then you should set Joe's allocation to 50% for both tasks.

If you want to ensure that your resources are optimally allocated, you should enter the correct estimations while allocating resources. Only then can the system show a true picture of the workload distribution.

In the following sections, let's assume that Mary works 36 hours per week, Monday through Friday as:

M T W T FTotal
8 8 4 8 836

Allocation in percentage (%)

When you allocate a resource in % on a task, you tell Celoxis the fraction of time will that resource be dedicated on a task from his work hours.

For example, Mary works 8 hours per day and you allocate her 50% to a task, it means she will work 50% every day. Let's see how the system will allocate her the work per day:

AllocationM T W T FTotal
100%8 8 4 8 836
50%4 4 2 4 418

Allocation in hours (h)

When you allocate a resource to work N hours on a task, it means that that resource will spend a total effort of N hours on that task from the task start to finish. N is proportionally distributed every day as per the resource’s working hours that day.

Let's see how the system would distribute her work if Mary was assigned 9h to a task that ran M-F:

AllocationM T W T FTotal
9h2 2 1 2 218

On a task, you can either allocate resources in % or in hours but not both at the same time.

Assigning resources

There are many convenient ways of assigning, replacing or removing resources on tasks.

To assign resources on single task

On the interactive gantt, click on the resource cell -or- double click on the resources next to the task bar.

On the task overview or tasks list screens, Click on the icon that appear next to the resources.

From anywhere, click on Task ActionsEdit and click on Resources.

To assign resources on multiple tasks

On the interactive gantt, select the tasks and Right Click then Assign Resources.

To replace or remove a resource on multiple tasks

On the interactive gantt, select the tasks and Right Click then Replace a resource. To remove, do not select anyone to replace the resource with.