Working with Gantt

Gantt in Celoxis provides a graphical overview of the project schedule. This is useful for the Project Manager to schedule his projects and keep track of them. The different features like the Export, Baseline, etc. help him with preparing and driving the project plan more efficiently.

The Gantt chart features include:

  • Creating the WBS i.e your tasks, sub-tasks, milestones with start and finish dates
  • Drag - Drop tasks to re-order them in hierarchy
  • Add Constraints
  • Drag - drop-dependencies
  • Expand-collapse the task list
  • Assign users on tasks
  • Updating task progress
  • Printing the Gantt
  • View the schedule with different Zoom levels
  • Auto Save and Manual Save options

Configuring the Gantt

The first time you access the Interactive Gantt of a project, you are presented with the below options to be configured. This is then remembered per person across all projects in Celoxis as a user preference. You can change this setting from the icon.

Default new tasks to "Manually Scheduled"Whenever a new task is created in Celoxis, the scheduling mode i.e., Auto-scheduled or Manually scheduled is dependent on this selection. For more on scheduling modes, refer here
Automatically save my changesChanges made to the project plan are auto saved. If the option is unchecked, you need to manually click on Save everytime you make changes.
Show project/task name on the barThis option if checked, will show the project/task name of the Gantt part (right-part).
Show resources on the barThis option if checked, will show the resource name of the Gantt part (right-part).

Keyboard Shortcuts
Add new taskn
Edit Taske
Delete TaskDelete key
Indent Task i.e create a sub taskI
Outdent Tasko
Move task Upu
Move Task Downd
Copy TaskCtrl+C
Paste TaskCtrl+V
Cut TaskCtrl+X