Deleting Users

When you no longer want a user to appear in pick lists, e.g. when a user leaves the organization, you should delete that user. After deletion, that user will not be able to login and will stop appearing in any user pickers. If the user had a login, then it frees up a license that can be used for another user.

Only administrators can delete users. To delete:

  1. Click Main MenuMoreUsers
  2. Click on that user
  3. From the user's actions, click Delete
  4. If you wish to reassign the user's current responsibilities to someone else, select that user. If you select a user, then the following responsibilities will be reassigned to that user:
    • Open projects where the user is the project manager
    • Incomplete tasks assigned to the user
    • State Manager in various custom apps
    • Open app items
  5. Delete
Private data like roles assignments, open checkouts, calendar events and contacts are permanently deleted for the deleted user. Other data like tasks, time logs, files etc. is not deleted..

Undeleting a user

When a user is deleted it is moved to the People Recycle Bin. If you want to restore that user, you can do so by visiting Top MenuAdminPeople Recycle Bin. Private data that was deleted is not restored.