TestCollab is one of the best test management tool to help development teams carry out testing effectively and avoid failures. There are many alternatives available today, each with distinctive features. To help you decide which test management tool suits your organization’s requirement, we’ve compiled a list of best TestCollab alternatives that might help you select the tool.

List of TestCollab Alternatives

1. Tuskr

Tuskr is the most reliable, robust, affordable, easy-to-use software to connect your QA teams with developers. Tuskr is a cloud-based test management software, and you can manage test cases, conduct test runs, and integrate your bug and time tracking tools. It is powerful yet aesthetically pleasing and intuitive with its unbeatable pricing, a generous free plan, and a 30-day free trial. It should be on top of everyone’s evaluation list.

Special features: 

  • WYSIWYG editor with rich-text formatting
  • Planned vs actual chart to identify your stars and slackers
  • Copy-pasting of images from clipboard or files

Free trial – 30 days

Pricing: team – $9/user/month and business – $12/user/month

See a head-to-head comparisonTuskr vs Test Collab

2. Testlio

Testlio is a software testing platform. It seamlessly integrates into your development process to ensure bugs never hit production. Gain real-time visibility into everything that happens, including entire testing sessions. You can also view all work at any time. Run details, failure signals, results, recommendations, trends, and more are available at your fingertips, equipping you to constantly tune your release and testing strategy.

Special features:

  • Supports parallel execution
  • Visual articulation of issue heat maps for rapid insights
  • Requirement based testing

Free trial – No free trial

Pricing: Contact Testlio for pricing details

3. Panaya

Panaya is a cloud-based test management tool. It shows you exactly what will break, what you need to fix, and what to test so that your business can move ahead without taking any backwards steps. Panaya’s sea of data and advanced ML algorithms guide you through the entire change journey as it happens. With precise software sizing and effort estimation, you stop endlessly planning your next upgrade or migration and get it done. 

Special features:

  • Smart view of change and dependencies 
  • Real-time team tracking
  • Risk-Based optimal testing scope

Free trial – 14 Days

Pricing: Contact Panaya for pricing details

4. Kualitee

Kualitee is a test management tool. It supports both manual and automated testing. It provides everything to agile teams required in a software testing life cycle. A complete solution helps you plan, design, manage and execute software tests faster through intuitive workflows. Kualitee ensures testers the feature to create templates for test cases and recall templates whenever needed to save time. 

Special features:

  • Built-in defect management module
  • Perform all your testing tasks through its mobile app  
  • Generate custom reports and export them in a format of your choice

Free trial – 7 Days

Pricing: Cloud- $15/user/month

5. Spira Test

Spira Test is a test management and bug tracking solution that manages requirements, test cases, and defects with complete traceability. It allows you to execute groups of test cases using an easy-to-use test execution wizard that will enable you to mark each step as pass/fail and optionally record a bug/defect. This gives complete traceability from a recorded defect to the underlying requirement. 

Special features:

  • Create, edit and execute test cases with rich text editing
  • Personalized executive dashboards, real-time charts, and fully customizable workflows to match your process
  • Build management lets you integrate with continuous integrations build servers with full traceability for each build

Free trial – 30 Days

Pricing: $1187.89 ( $33 per concurrent user per month )

6. Qualibrate

Qualibrate is a testing tool designed to serve startups and Enterprises. Qualibrate ensures quality is never compromised with user-friendly automation solutions and manual testing accelerators. Dashboards and analytics summarize your project health in real-time, and drag and drop allows you to visualize your dashboards your way.

Special features:

  • Easily maintain flows and scenarios through the drag and drop interface
  • Tag your flows with a status, classification severity, or custom tags
  • Use the recording widget to capture the business process

Free trial – No free trial

Pricing: Contact Qualibrate for pricing details

7. TestMonitor

TestMonitor is a user-friendly test management tool. It has a test case editor that lets you get your tests up and running quickly. Managing large numbers of test cases and testing activities becomes simple with TestMonitor. The interface is built to run on any device and automatically scales and adjusts the interface based on your tester’s device for the best manual testing experience. 

Special features:

  • Get an overview of all test runs, past and present
  • Test on any device
  • View the latest outcome per test cases and use filter to view your results per milestone, or any other metric available in TestMonitor

Free trial – 14 Days

Pricing: $29/user/month

We hope this list has helped you find the right TestCollab alternative for your business. Any other suggestions that should be included in this blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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