Access Type

The main purpose of access types is to reduce license costs for end-users. By selecting the appropriate access types for users, you can ensure that you pay only for what you use.

There are the following access types:

  • Full Access
  • Team Member
  • Timesheet-only
  • App-only
  • Passive

Full Access

Users who are of this type can do everything in the system (if granted access). This type is meant for project managers, resource managers, portfolio managers and CXOs. Admin users must also be of this type.

Team Member

This type is meant for your team members who work on their own items and not manage other people's work.

They have access to limited functionality - they do not have access to gantt charts but can view and update tasks, log time and expense, engage in discussions and participate in issue tracking, change requests, risks, and other custom apps.

They can view dashboards and reports but do not have access to certain report types like trend reports. Also, they can only view data in tabular format.

Utilization analysis and capacity planning can be performed by managers on these users.


Timesheet-only users can only fill time sheets. They can also update % and enter comments for tasks but only from their timesheets.

These users are not considered in utilization analysis and capacity planning.


App-only users can only participate in apps - in predefined like issue tracking, risk management etc. and your custom apps as well. They cannot log time.

These users are not considered in utilization analysis and capacity planning.


Passive users do not have a login in Celoxis. This type is meant for those users for whom you wish to track tasks, utilization and capacity.

You can assign tasks, holidays, work exceptions to these users. You can also import their time logs via CSV or API however time cannot filled for them from the weekly timesheet screen.