Custom Apps are powerful workflow-driven applications built by customers like you. You can define the steps, people involved at each step, capture custom fields and even define time-out rules. All this with our super powerful reporting capabilities makes Custom Apps a great complementary tool to the rich project management capabilities in Celoxis.

Customers are using custom apps to manage leave approvals, client change requests, equipment quality checks, software bugs, and many more! If you are using spreadsheets to maintain something, think about moving to Custom Apps.

The power of custom apps is best illustrated by a scenario. Acme Consulting has created a bug tracking application in Celoxis.

  1. Acme's customer sends an email to with an image as a file attachment.

  2. The bug is automatically created in Celoxis along with the image as its attachment.

  3. Quentin, from the QA team, starts seeing the bug in the Unverified Bugs pane on his dashboard.

  4. He verifies that it is indeed a bug and marks the bug as Verified.

  5. The bug is automatically routed to Dave, a software developer.

  6. Dave is notified via email and also sees the bug in the Bugs assigned to me pane on his dashboard.

  7. Dave fixes the bug and marks the bug as Resolved. While doing this, as per the company's policy, he also enters the list of files modified in a custom field.

  8. The bug is automatically assigned to the same user who verified the bug (Quentin) to test.

  9. The company policy is to test all bugs within 72 hours but Quentin misses it.

  10. An email is automatically sent to the QA manager and Quentin about the lapse and the bug is marked as delayed.

  11. Quentin verifies the fix and marks the bug as Closed.

  12. An email is automatically sent to the customer about the fix.

  13. Customer likes Acme.

As you can see Celoxis created the bug from email, then routed it to the right people, and as they completed their bit of the work, captured necessary information from them before moving it to the next person’s bucket, and at the same time keeping a watch for any delays.