Requestor Templates

In the last chapter, we have seen that you can notify the requestor while performing actions. In this chapter, we will understand how to control the email format using simple templates. It is important to understand that these templates only control the emails sent to requestors not the other notification emails that are sent to users.

Customizing the email template

Open Top MenuAdminCustom AppsRequestor Email Template. You can customize the global template or customie the template per workspace. Click on the icon next to -All- workspace to edit the global template. If you add bugs to a project then the bug's workspace is considered to be the project's workspace.

Sender EmailThe name of the email sender. We want people to see Acme Support so we enter that here.
Sender EmailThe email address of the email sender. This is not the Reply-To address. That will be generated by Celoxis so that any replies by the requestor are automatically logged against the app.
Email BodyThe body of the email. This is in HTML format. In our example, $an will be replaced by Bug while $un will be replace by Quentin T if Quentin was the person performing the update. More such placeholders are available in the Field Reference section.

What's Next?

In this chapter we have seen how to configure the emails that are sent out to requestors. In the next chapter, we will see how to add time-based rules to our app.