App in Action

Till now, we have been configuring our application. It's time we understand how your users will use the app. We will see how our app has affected the user interface and also walk you through a real-world scenario.

Bug app and the user interface

Add menu
Bug appears as an option in the Top Menu menu.

View menu
Bugs also appears as an option on the Main MenuAppsBugs menu.

New Report menu
You will also be able to create a report for the Bug app. The entire arsenal of filters, groups, charts, etc. is available at your disposal.

Adding Bug

Megan wants to report a bug. She clicks on Top MenuBug and she sees the form:
In addition to the regular fields, you can see the custom fields we added earlier.

Bug in state: New

The bug has been assigned to Quentin, our QA guy. He clicks on the bug link and sees:
AThe bug is in New state.
BHe is show the Verify and Not a Bug actions in addition to the other actions.
CHe sees that the problem is supposed to happen in version 1.0
DHe downloads the attached file to see what the problem is.
EHe can look at the history of the bug and also add his comments.

Performing the Verify action

Quentin verifies the bug indeed exists and clicks on Verify. He is presented a form like this:

He assigns it to Vardhan, a developer. He also has the choice of notifying Megan, who has opened the bug. But since there is nothing noteworthy to report, he decides against it. After he submits the form the Bug moves to the Verified state.

Bug in state: Verified

Vardhan receives an email notification about his being assigned to this verified bug. He clicks on the link and sees the following:

AThe bug is in Verified state.
BHe is show the Fix action in addition to the other actions.
CHe looks at the history and noticies Quentin's helpful comment.

Performing the Verify action

Vardhan fixes the bug and clicks on the Fix button. He is presented a form like this:

Notice how he is presented with the Fixed Versions custom field.

What's Next?

The example above demonstrates how the bug moves across states, how the right fields are captured at the right time and when notifications are sent. It should give you a good idea about the capabilities and advantages offered by Celoxis custom apps. We have also seen that there is an option to send emails to requestors. Celoxis allows customizations of these emails and that is the topic of the next chapter.