Downloading the Debug Bundle

Debug bundle is a ZIP file containing your log files and configuration files. It helps our engineers and results in a speedy resolution.

If Celoxis is running

To send us the debug bundle:

  1. Stop Celoxis
  2. Go to <Celoxis-Install-Dir>/psa_14.5.x/webapps/psa/WEB-INF/logs directory and delete all files.
  3. Start Celoxis.
  4. Follow the steps that causes the error.
  5. Log in as a user having administrator privileges.
  6. Navigate to Top MenuAdminSite Settings.
  7. Click on Download Debug Bundle.
  8. You will be prompted to save a ZIP file. Save it on your computer.
  9. Attach the file to your support ticket.

If Celoxis is not running

  1. Go to the <Celoxis-Install-Dir>/psa_14.5.x/webapps/psa/WEB-INF directory.
  2. Zip the entire logs directory and send it to us.