Getting your Google Client ID

If you wish to upload files from your Google Drive account, you will first need to get a Client ID from Google and enter that into Celoxis. To get your client ID:

  1. Go to Google Developers Console
  2. Create a new project and name it Celoxis
  3. Click: Create credentials > OAuth client ID
  4. You will be first asked to configure your consent screen. On the configure consent screen, enter Product name as Celoxis
  5. Enter any other details, you wish and save.
  6. You will be taken to the Create OAuth client ID screen.
  7. Choose client as Web application
  8. Enter name as Celoxis
  9. Click OK
  10. You will be shown the Google Client ID
  11. Enter this value in the Site Settings and Save
  12. Restart Celoxis.
Celoxis is now integrated with Google Drive. Try uploading a file from your Google Drive account into a task.