Modify Celoxis URL

When you install Celoxis, you input the URL users will use to access the application. This URL is also used in the links sent in notifications.

It is important to note that the URL you type in the browser to access Celoxis must match the URL is stored in the database. For example, if the URL stored in Celoxis is http://localhost:8888 none of the following will work in the browser even though they point to the same machine and port number.

  • (although localhost resolves to
  • http://<IP address>:8888 (although this is the same server)
  • http://pm-software:8888 (where pm-software is one of the host names of the machine)

You will receive an error indicating that the URL is different. The URL must exactly match the entry in the database.

Do the following to view/change the URL stored in Celoxis. Note that the site settings page does not depend on using the same URL as stored in the database. So you can use any valid URL (IP address/CNAME etc).

  1. Point your browser to http://<IP address>:8888/psa/site.admin.wm -or- start the browser on the same machine you installed Celoxis and go to http://localhost:8888/psa/site.admin.wm
  2. Enter your Site Administrator password.
  3. Click on Site Settings
  4. View/Change the Celoxis URL
  5. Submit