Working with a Proxy Server

You may want to configure Celoxis application behind a reverse proxy server to provide SSL access to Celoxis. Let us assume we want to setup Acme consulting ( with the following configuration:

  • Users should access the Celoxis application using (which is actually a proxy server)
  • The proxy server servicing should proxy requests to the celoxis application.
The setup looks like this:

To do this:

  • You will configure the proxy server to forward requests to port 8888 on the host running the Celoxis application.
  • Configure the Celoxis application URL to (see this)
  • You will also need to run the following SQL on the celoxis database:
    insert into db_config (id, vdb_id, name, value) values (95, 0, 'stricthost', 'false')
  • Restart the Celoxis application