Before you Install

Expertise Required

Before you install Celoxis on your servers it is important to understand what you will need. Celoxis itself can be easily installed using a web browser. While that itself does not need any special technical skills you will need at least moderate to advanced computer technical skills depending on your configuration.

For example, you have the choice of installing Celoxis on a dedicated server or on a shared server. If you are installing it on a shared server you will need to make sure that Celoxis performance is not impacted by the other apps and there is sufficient memory available to the Celoxis application.

Celoxis stores your data in a database so you must have the skills to configure, optimise, manage, monitor and backup your database. You should also be able to perform routine maintenance activities like re-indexing your database and running SQL queries that our support team may ask you to run to debug problems. When a new version of Celoxis is released you will need to perform upgrades which are also simple point and click but it is possible that there may be issues at times. So you must be able to backup the database and restore it in such cases.

Being a web based application you may also need the skills to manage DNS, firewalls, proxies and other systems depending on your infrastructure.

Celoxis also interacts with your mail server for sending and receiving email notifications. This means you also need the skills to manage your SMTP and IMAP servers.

Celoxis support for installation

You can either install Celoxis yourself or purchase the installation service from us. If you purchase the installation service there are some pre-requisites that must still be installed by you before we can proceed with the installation.

Our support team is always available to assist you if needed. But due to the myriad of operating system, server and network configurations that exist and the complexities involved with things like proxy settings, firewalls, VPN etc. we do not assist in configuring or troubleshooting your environment. This is to be done by your tech team. Celoxis is based on common web standards like HTTP/HTTPS and uses Apache Tomcat as the web server. We can point you to the location of Tomcat configuration files. You will need to look up Tomcat documentation and search the internet for assistance on these matters.

We recommend installing Celoxis from the same server running Celoxis application. This should bypass any firewall, proxy, VPN, or other network issues. Once Celoxis is installed and is working fine on http://localhost:8888 then you can proceed to make other changes.