Maintaining Celoxis

Celoxis is easy to maintain. The most important part of maintenance is regularly backing up the database and the data directory.

Backup Database and Data Directory

The database and the data directory should be backed-up regularly to different machines than the one on which they reside. We highly recommend that you use the backup solutions you currently use to perform the backups. It is very important to check periodically that the backups are actually working. This is a common issue that we have encountered.

If you do not have any tools, you can use a combination of cron, pg_dump and rsync programs on Linux, while on Windows you can use a combination of Scheduled Task, robocopy to backup the data directory while you can use pg_dump for PostgreSQL and Maintenance plan for Microsoft SQL Server to create database backups.

Database Tips


You can optimize performance by tuning the shared_buffers, work_mem and maintenance_work_mem parameters in the postgresql.conf file.

Microsoft SQL Server

A SQL maintenance plan for rebuilding indexes and setting the index free space percentage to 10% within the Celoxis database should be scheduled to run monthly (preferably weekly). This maintenance plan should also be configured to update column statistics (index statistics are updated during the index rebuild process). We recommended that this plan be scheduled to run at a time when database utilization by the Celoxis application is at its lowest. This could be on a Sunday during the day or a during a scheduled maintenance cycle, etc.

Rebuilding the Search Index

Celoxis maintains a search index for advanced searching capabilities. Sometimes, it could happen that the search index is corrupted. To fix:

  1. Login as site administrator by going to Top MenuAdminSiteSetiings.
  2. Click Run admin program under Actions.
  3. Enter in the Class Name field and submit.

After a few minutes (less than 30), your search index will be updated.