Upgrading from 12.0.X to 12.0.Y

  1. Stop Celoxis.
  2. If you have installed Celoxis as a Windows Service, uninstall it.
  3. Browse (or 'cd' on Linux) to the <Celoxis-Install-Dir>.
  4. Rename 12.0.x folder to 12.0.x.old
  5. Download the new 12.0.y.zip and copy it to <Celoxis-Install-Dir>
  6. Unzip
  7. Now you should have two folders 12.0.y and 12.0.x.old in <Celoxis-Install-Dir>
  8. Copy the files: db.properties, site.properties & license.properties from 12.0.x.old/webapps/psa/WEB-INF/conf to 12.0.y/webapps/psa/WEB-INF/conf
  9. Start Celoxis.
  10. Once you see that everything is working fine, delete 12.0.x.old
  11. If you had installed Celoxis as a Windows Service, reinstall it.