Assigning Roles to Users

Users can play different roles in different workspaces. They can also play different roles in different projects.

Assigning Roles in Workspaces

Security roles can be assigned to users per workspace.

For example, Joe Doe, Vice President (Engineering), may be assigned the Project Supervisor role in Engineering so that he can perform any of the project actions in Engineering, assigned the Project Viewer role in Marketing so that he can view any project in Marketing, but play no role in Sales.

In Celoxis, you can assign security roles to users on the add/edit user screen or using the bulk user edit screen.

Assigning Roles in Projects

Users can be assigned roles in specific projects.

Users who play roles in a workspace, play those roles in all projects in that workspace. However, in some instances, you may want to give some additional privileges to a user in a specific project.

For example, Earl Engineer plays the role Project Viewer in the Engineering workspace. However, he is playing a lead part in one of the projects, so the project manager could give him the Project Supervisor role for that specific project. This would mean that Earl gets all the privileges associated with Project Viewer as well as Project Supervisor in that project.

Auto-Assigned Roles

Some security roles are automatically assigned to user, by the system, depending on the object on which the user is trying to perform the action on.

For example, if Mark, a project manager of a project, is trying to view a task in that project, the system will automatically assign him the role Project Manager only for that action. If Mark tries to view a task in another project of which he is not the project manager, he will not be assigned that role.

The following roles are automatically assigned to a user:
  • Project Manager when the user is a project manager of the object's project.
  • Project Team when the user is a project team member of the object's project.
  • Task Team when the user is trying to perform an action on a task assigned to him/her.

Auto-assignd roles make it convenient to define polices like "All project team members can view and comment on any tasks in their projects" and "Project managers should be able to modify any task in their projects" easier.

The Staff Role

If the user is performing any role in a workspace, then that user also plays the Staff role in that workspace.

The Staff role is a convenience that allows definiting policies for All members of a workspace. E.g. if you want all users in Marketing workspace to be able to view its projects, you would give the View Project : Granted privilege to the Staff role.