Importing Tasks from CSV

Celoxis provides you with the ability to import tasks in a project from CSV. If you have a Microsoft Excel file, then you can export it in CSV (comma separated values) format and then import it in Celoxis.

To import tasks in a project, first click on the project and then click Project ActionsMoreImport Tasks (CSV). Alternatively, if you are in the project Gantt chart, you can click AddImport CSV

Fields supported:

  • WBS Code - using this you can create the WBS structure (parent-child relationships) for tasks after import. E.g. If we enter WBS codes as 1 for A, 1.1 for B, 1.2 for C and 1.1.1 for D, and 1.1.2 for E, and 2 for F then on import you will get:
       ├── B
       │   ├── D
       │   └── E
       └── C
  • Name - mandatory
  • Description
  • Planned Start - YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Planned Finish - YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Resources - enter resources in the format described here.
  • Duration - enter in the duration format described here.
  • Work - the effort in hours
  • % Comp
  • Budget
  • Planned Fixed Cost
  • Planned Non-Labor Cost
  • Billing Type - for "No Billing" : NONE, "Fixed Price" : FIXED_PRICE, "Time & Material" : TNM
  • External Key - the key or id of this task in another system e.g. JIRA
  • Custom Fields - you will have to create the fields in Celoxis first
To read more about tasks dates, read this chapter.