Exporting Tasks to CSV

To download the project, navigate to Gantt and then click on MoreExportCSV. This will download the project plan with the columns you have selected on Gantt.

You can then open this in Excel using the steps below. To open the exported file (CSV) in Excel:

  1. Open a New Excel Document, or open a new worksheet in your existing Excel workbook. Navigate to the Data tab.
  2. Click on the From Text button.
  3. Navigate to the folder holding the .csv file you want to open and click on the correct file name.
  4. Click Import, the Text Import Wizard will open.
  5. Make sure you choose the Delimited radio button/checkbox under Original Data Type in the open dialog box.
  6. Select the My data has headers checkbox as well, click Next.
  7. Select the checkbox corresponding to the correct delimiter which is comma(,). It is important to choose this delimiter to ensure the data fields can be properly parsed during the import.
  8. Click Next, in the Data Preview field, only the first column of data will be highlighted. Drag the horizontal window control all the way to the right.
  9. While holding down the Shift key, click on the final column heading. This should select and highlight every column in the Data Preview pane.
  10. Choose Text as your Column Data Format. Every column should now be labeled Text in the Data Preview pane.
  11. Review the Data Preview window to ensure your data looks the way it should. Click Finish.

Your data should appear in your spreadsheet, organized in columns and with the original headers.