Splitting Tasks

Things don't always go according to plan. Interruptions have become normal and you need a quick way to handle them in a way that keeps your plan accurate. That's where this functionality helps. There are two common interruption scenarios:

  1. You want to suspend an in-progress task and postpone the remaining part.
  2. You want to reassign an in-progress task to someone else.
In both cases, you want to capture the "done" part and do something else with the "remaining" part.

What happens when a task is split

Let's take an example where we want to split a task T that is of duration 6d.

In the above example:
  • Task T is split into two parts: T (1) and T (2).
  • The predecessors of T become the predecessors of T (1) while its successors become the successors of T (2).
  • An FS dependency created between T(1) and T(2).
  • The effort, budget, duration and fixed price are divided in proportion as well. For example, if the budget was $600, the budget for T (1) will be $200 while it will be set to $400 for T (2).
  • Custom fields are identical in both T (1) and T (2)
  • If you select the Create a container task for the two split parts option while splitting, the baseline for T would be moved to the summary task, else it will remain with T (1).
Once a split has happened, you can now reschedule T (2) and/or assign it to someone else.

How to split a task

  1. Open Interactive Gantt
  2. Select a task and right-click on it
  3. Select Split Task
  4. Split On: The date on which the second part of the task should start.
    Create a container task for the two split parts: If you would like to automatically create a summary task that contains the two parts of the split task.
  5. Submit