Milestones are major checkpoints in a project. They can indicate the completion of key project tasks, the commencement of a phase or conclusion of the plan. For example, in a software development project, Research Complete can be a milestone that indicates that all the research activities have been completed and the project is now ready to move to the next step of preparing a Requirements Specification document.

In Celoxis, milestones are tasks that have zero duration and represented by a diamond symbol (◆) in the gantt chart.

Creating milestones

From the Interactive Gantt, click Gantt ToolbarAddMilestone.

To convert an existing task into a milestone, set its duration as zero.


  • Set predecessors to your milestones. Doing this will illustrate the impact to your milestones.
  • Set deadline (FNLT) constraints on milestones only if necessary as it will make it difficult to flexibly re-plan activities around your milestone.
  • Indent milestones so that they appear under the correct WBS element