Handling Incomplete Timesheets

The Incomplete Timesheets report helps you identify and remind users who have not filled their timesheets.

To view incomplete timesheets, click Main MenuReportsIncomplete Timesheets.

Customizing the definition of "Incomplete"

If you click on Edit Filters above, you can customize the value of the Hours (Submitted) filter. You have two options:

  • Less than working hours – If Joe is supposed to work 40 hours per week and a non-working exception of 4 hours has been added, then Joe is supposed to log 36 hours of time. Anything below this will be treated as an incomplete timesheet.
  • Less than N hours – You can decide the N and all uses who have logged time less than this value will be shown.

Setup daily timesheet reminders

If you have administrator privileges, you can set this up from Top MenuAdminTimesheetTimesheet Options. Check the Send incomplete timesheet reminder emails to users daily at option and select the time you want the emails to be sent and click on Save. The time selected is as per your company’s time zone.